Burton Snow Rules 1988 promo video

Burton Snow Rules 1988 promo video

In the world of snowboarding, there exists a timeless gem that takes us back to the golden era of the sport. The Burton Snow Rules 1988 promo video captures the essence of this exhilarating activity, showcasing the talents and innovation that defined the era. Created by Snowboard_museum.ca, this iconic footage not only serves as a nostalgic trip down memory lane but also as a testament to the enduring legacy of Burton Snowboards. From gravity-defying tricks to stylish maneuvers, the video encapsulates the raw energy and passion that has made snowboarding a beloved pastime for generations. Join in and relive the excitement of the past through the lens of this captivating promotional classic.

Burton Snow Rules 1988 promo video


Introduction to Burton Snow Rules

Burton Snow Rules is a snowboarding company that has made significant contributions to the sport since its establishment in 1977 by Jake Burton Carpenter. Initially starting with handmade snowboards, the company has grown to become one of the most influential and innovative brands in the snowboarding industry. Burton Snow Rules has consistently pushed boundaries and set new standards for snowboarding equipment, apparel, and culture.

Significance of the 1988 promo video

The 1988 promo video released by Burton Snow Rules holds great significance in the history and development of snowboarding. During this time, snowboarding was still considered a niche sport, often met with skepticism and resistance from traditional skiing communities. The release of the 1988 promo video helped to elevate snowboarding’s status and gain mainstream recognition. It showcased the sport’s potential for creativity, athleticism, and expression, captivating audiences and attracting a wider audience to the sport. The video effectively demonstrated Burton Snow Rules’ commitment to innovation and played a vital role in shaping the snowboarding industry as we know it today.

Burton Snow Rules

Concept and Purpose

Burton Snow Rules was founded on the concept of revolutionizing snowboarding by creating high-quality equipment and fostering a vibrant snowboarding culture. The company’s purpose is to provide snowboarders with the tools and resources necessary to push their limits and enjoy the sport to the fullest. From the beginning, Burton Snow Rules has aimed to merge performance, style, and individuality, empowering riders to express themselves both on and off the slopes.

Key Features

The key features of Burton Snow Rules’ products include their cutting-edge technology, durability, and commitment to sustainability. The company understands the demands that snowboarding places on equipment and continually strives to develop innovative solutions to enhance performance and durability. Burton Snow Rules also places a strong emphasis on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes whenever possible.

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Evolution of Snowboarding

Burton Snow Rules has played an instrumental role in the evolution of snowboarding. In its early years, snowboarding faced resistance and discrimination, with many ski resorts banning the sport altogether. However, through persistent efforts and the success of companies like Burton Snow Rules, snowboarding gradually gained acceptance and recognition as a legitimate winter sport. Burton Snow Rules’ commitment to pushing boundaries and continuously improving equipment has propelled snowboarding into the mainstream, paving the way for its widespread popularity today.

Influence on the Snowboarding Industry

Burton Snow Rules’ influence on the snowboarding industry cannot be overstated. The company’s dedication to research and development has led to countless innovations, from advancements in board shapes and materials to the introduction of technologies such as the channel binding system. These innovations, along with Burton Snow Rules’ marketing strategies, have set trends and influenced the entire industry. Other companies often look to Burton Snow Rules for inspiration, and the brand’s impact can be seen in the equipment, apparel, and culture of snowboarding today.

Implications for Burton

The success of Burton Snow Rules has significantly impacted the brand itself. As the leading snowboarding company, Burton Snow Rules has solidified its position as a market leader and remains at the forefront of innovation. The positive reception of the 1988 promo video further enhanced Burton Snow Rules’ reputation and brand image. The video’s success served as a catalyst for the company’s growth, allowing it to further expand its product line and establish itself as a highly respected and influential brand in the snowboarding community.

1988 Promo Video

Importance of Promo Videos

Promo videos are crucial for companies like Burton Snow Rules as they serve as a visual representation of the brand’s essence and showcase their latest products and team riders. These videos provide an opportunity for companies to captivate their audience, build excitement, and establish a connection with consumers. Additionally, promo videos enable brands to showcase their commitment to quality, innovation, and the unique culture surrounding their sport.

Details of the 1988 Promo Video

The 1988 promo video released by Burton Snow Rules was a groundbreaking production that captured the essence of snowboarding in a way that had never been done before. The video featured stunning footage of riders conquering challenging terrain, showcasing their skills, and pushing the boundaries of their sport. It also highlighted the versatility of Burton Snow Rules’ equipment and showcased the diverse range of riders and riding styles the brand supported.

Production Team

The production of the 1988 promo video was a collaborative effort between Burton Snow Rules and a talented team of filmmakers and editors. The team worked tirelessly to capture and compile visually stunning footage, ensuring that every shot showcased the sport’s excitement and athleticism. Their expertise and attention to detail resulted in a video that resonated with audiences and helped to elevate snowboarding’s status.

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Featured Riders

The 1988 promo video featured a roster of talented and influential snowboarders who were instrumental in shaping the sport’s culture and development. These riders were selected not only for their exceptional skills but also for their unique personalities and style, which aligned with the ethos of Burton Snow Rules. Their presence in the video added authenticity and credibility, further solidifying Burton Snow Rules’ impact on the sport.

Cultural Impact

The 1988 promo video had a profound cultural impact, not only within the snowboarding community but also among mainstream audiences. It showcased snowboarding as a dynamic and exhilarating sport, breaking stereotypes and challenging traditional notions of winter sports. The video’s fusion of snowboarding, music, and style created a subculture that resonated with young audiences, influencing their perceptions and sparking a newfound interest in snowboarding.


Visual Aesthetics

The visual aesthetics of the 1988 promo video were striking and attention-grabbing. The footage captured breathtaking landscapes, showcasing the natural beauty of mountains and snow-covered terrain. The use of vibrant colors, contrasting against the white snow, added a sense of energy and excitement. The visuals were carefully crafted, capturing close-ups of riders’ movements, creating a sense of immersion and allowing viewers to appreciate the intricacies of snowboarding.

Narrative Structure

The narrative structure of the 1988 promo video followed a well-defined arc, taking viewers on a journey through the world of snowboarding. The video started with an introduction to the sport, highlighting its history and evolution before diving into breathtaking action sequences. These sequences were intercut with interviews and personal anecdotes from featured riders, providing insights into their experiences and the emotions associated with snowboarding. The video culminated in a powerful and memorable finale, leaving viewers with a lasting impression and a deep appreciation for the sport.

Music and Sound Effects

The choice of music and sound effects in the 1988 promo video was carefully curated to enhance the viewing experience. The video featured an eclectic mix of music genres, ranging from punk rock to hip hop, which complemented the fast-paced and energetic nature of snowboarding. The sound effects were used to amplify the impact of tricks and maneuvers, creating a sense of intensity and excitement. The combination of music and sound effects worked seamlessly with the visuals, immersing viewers in the world of snowboarding.

Marketing Techniques

The marketing techniques employed in the 1988 promo video were innovative and effective. The video effectively showcased Burton Snow Rules’ products, establishing the brand as a leader in snowboarding equipment. It also highlighted the lifestyle and culture surrounding the sport, portraying snowboarding as a thrilling and aspirational activity. By appealing to the desires and aspirations of the target audience, the video created a sense of urgency and desire for Burton Snow Rules’ products, driving sales and increasing brand loyalty.

Reception and Reviews

The 1988 promo video received overwhelmingly positive reception and reviews from both the snowboarding community and mainstream audiences. Viewers were captivated by the visually stunning footage, impressive riding skills, and the soulful storytelling portrayed in the video. The video’s success further solidified Burton Snow Rules’ position as a leading brand in the snowboarding industry and garnered widespread recognition for its contribution to the sport.



Influence on Future Promo Videos

The 1988 promo video laid the groundwork for the future of snowboarding promo videos. Its success paved the way for other brands and filmmakers to explore new creative possibilities and push the boundaries of visual storytelling. The video’s impact can be seen in the subsequent evolution of snowboarding promo videos, with companies adopting similar techniques and styles to engage audiences and enhance their brand image.

Nostalgia and Revival

The 1988 promo video holds a special place in the hearts of many snowboarding enthusiasts, evoking a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era of the sport. The video’s unique aesthetic, soundtrack, and riders have become iconic symbols of snowboarding’s roots. As a result, there has been a revival of interest in the video, with fans seeking to rediscover and relive the magic that made it so captivating in the first place.

Collector’s Item

The 1988 promo video has also become a highly sought-after collector’s item. Its rarity and historical significance have led to increased demand among collectors and enthusiasts. Original copies of the video are considered prized possessions and are often sold for significant sums of money. The video’s enduring appeal as a collector’s item is a testament to its cultural significance and the lasting impression it made on the snowboarding community and beyond.

Preservation Efforts

Recognizing the importance of the 1988 promo video, efforts have been made to preserve it for future generations. Archival institutions, such as snowboard_museum.ca, have taken steps to digitize and preserve the video, ensuring its accessibility and longevity. This preservation effort allows current and future snowboarders to experience the impact and cultural significance of the video, further cementing its place in snowboarding history.

Continued Impact on Snowboarding

Despite being over three decades old, the 1988 promo video continues to have a profound impact on the snowboarding industry. The video’s influence can be seen in the visual aesthetics, storytelling techniques, and marketing strategies employed by snowboarding brands today. It serves as a reminder of the sport’s roots and the pioneering spirit that drives innovation in snowboarding. As snowboarding continues to evolve, the 1988 promo video remains a source of inspiration and a testament to the enduring legacy of Burton Snow Rules.


The 1988 promo video released by Burton Snow Rules marked a pivotal moment in the history of snowboarding. By showcasing the sport’s potential, capturing its excitement, and highlighting the unique culture surrounding it, the video played a significant role in elevating snowboarding’s status and gaining mainstream recognition. The visual aesthetics, narrative structure, and marketing techniques employed in the video set the standard for future snowboarding promo videos and helped shape the sport’s industry and culture. The video’s legacy extends far beyond its initial release, with its continued impact felt in the snowboarding community today. The 1988 promo video stands as a testament to the achievements of Burton Snow Rules and serves as a reminder of the brand’s long-lasting cultural relevance. As anticipation builds for future snowboarding videos, one can’t help but wonder how Burton Snow Rules will continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their innovative and exhilarating productions.

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