“Take It Easy || A Full Length Snowboard Movie” is a thrilling snowboarding film brought to you by Quiksilver. This action-packed movie features an all-star cast including Danimals, Johnny Brady, Ian Hart, Teo Konttinen, and Zebbe Landmark, along with appearances by Travis Rice, Bryan Fox, Will Lavigne, Ulrik Badertscher, Kim Rune Hansen, and Jake OE. From the urban landscapes of Helsinki, Finland to the stunning backcountry of Whistler, British Columbia, this crew explores some of the most exciting snowboarding locations in the world. Get ready to be pumped for the upcoming winter season as you watch these talented athletes showcase their skills on the slopes. Directed by Trent Ludwig and Jon Ray, with filming and editing by Jon Ray, Cole Taylor, and Trent Ludwig, this snowboarding extravaganza is not to be missed.

“Take It Easy || A Full Length Snowboard Movie” is a breathtaking snowboarding film that will leave you wanting more. Produced by Quiksilver, this movie stars incredible riders such as Danimals, Johnny Brady, Ian Hart, Teo Konttinen, and Zebbe Landmark, with surprise appearances by industry legends including Travis Rice, Bryan Fox, Will Lavigne, Ulrik Badertscher, Kim Rune Hansen, and Jake OE. Witness the heart-pumping action as these athletes take on the streets of Helsinki, Finland and the expansive backcountry of Whistler, British Columbia. Capturing the essence of the sport, this film is sure to ignite your excitement for the upcoming winter season. Directed by Trent Ludwig and Jon Ray, with filming and editing by Jon Ray, Cole Taylor, and Trent Ludwig, “Take It Easy || A Full Length Snowboard Movie” promises to deliver an unforgettable viewing experience.



Snowboarding enthusiasts can now rejoice as Quiksilver presents “Take It Easy,” a full length snowboard movie that promises to deliver thrill, excitement, and jaw-dropping action. This groundbreaking film showcases the talents of the world’s top snowboarders, including Danimals, Johnny Brady, Ian Hart, Teo Konttinen, and Zebbe Landmark. With cameo appearances from industry legends such as Travis Rice, Bryan Fox, Will Lavigne, Ulrik Badertscher, Kim Rune Hansen, and Jake OE, this movie is set to take the snowboarding community by storm.

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Overview of the movie

“Take It Easy” takes viewers on a wild ride, providing an immersive experience that captures the essence of snowboarding. The plot revolves around the adventures of the featured riders as they shred their way through various terrains and explore the limits of their skills. Expect breathtaking tricks, death-defying stunts, and heart-pounding moments that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

The style and tone of the movie are characterized by a perfect blend of energy, creativity, and raw talent. Each scene is carefully crafted to showcase the unique style and personality of the riders, allowing their individuality to shine through. From urban snowboarding in the streets of Helsinki, Finland, to epic backcountry sessions in Whistler, British Columbia, this movie captures the diverse landscapes that snowboarding enthusiasts dream of conquering.

Featured riders

“Take It Easy” boasts an all-star lineup of riders who have pushed the boundaries of snowboarding with their impressive skills and fearless attitude. Leading the pack is Danimals, whose fluidity and technical prowess on the board have gained him a dedicated following. Johnny Brady brings his aggressive riding style and jaw-dropping tricks to the mix, while Ian Hart’s innovative approach to snowboarding never fails to captivate. Teo Konttinen’s smooth style and creative lines add a unique flavor to the movie, and Zebbe Landmark’s progressive riding pushes the limits of what is possible. Additionally, the film features cameos from industry legends Travis Rice, Bryan Fox, Will Lavigne, Ulrik Badertscher, Kim Rune Hansen, and Jake OE, who add an extra layer of excitement to an already stacked lineup.

Filming locations

To capture the stunning visuals and showcase the riders in their element, the “Take It Easy” crew traveled to two incredible locations: the streets of Helsinki, Finland, and the backcountry of Whistler, British Columbia. The contrast between these two settings provides a dynamic backdrop for the different styles of snowboarding showcased in the film.


In the streets of Helsinki, the riders took advantage of urban architecture, transforming staircases, railings, and other structures into their own personal playground. The gritty urban setting adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to their performances. On the other hand, the vast backcountry of Whistler offers awe-inspiring mountain ranges, deep powder snow, and boundless natural features that allow the riders to push their limits and find new lines and tricks.

Capturing the action

“Take It Easy” offers a diverse range of snowboarding footage that showcases different aspects of the sport. From high-speed descents and massive jumps to technical rail tricks and creative jibbing, the film leaves no stone unturned. The footage is captured through a variety of angles, including high-flying drone shots, close-up point-of-view perspectives, and wide-angle shots that showcase the stunning scenery.

Capturing the action presented numerous challenges and risks for the filmmakers, as they had to navigate unpredictable weather conditions, steep terrain, and sometimes dangerous features. However, their dedication and passion for the sport allowed them to overcome these hurdles and deliver stunning footage that truly captures the essence of snowboarding.

The excitement and adrenaline that come with snowboarding are palpable in every frame of “Take It Easy.” Viewers will feel the rush as they witness the riders conquering new heights, defying gravity, and displaying exceptional skill. This adrenaline-inducing experience is what sets snowboarding films apart and keeps audiences coming back for more.

Directors and editors

“Trent Ludwig and Jon Ray” are the masterminds behind “Take It Easy,” serving as both directors and editors of the film. Through their combined expertise and artistic vision, they have successfully crafted a visually stunning and captivating movie that pushes the boundaries of snowboarding cinematography.

Trent Ludwig and Jon Ray’s roles and responsibilities are multifaceted. As directors, they oversee the overall creative direction of the film, ensuring that it aligns with their vision while also capturing the unique styles and personalities of the featured riders. As editors, they meticulously piece together the footage, carefully selecting the most exhilarating moments and ensuring a seamless flow that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. Their collaboration and attention to detail are evident in the final product, as they create a film that truly immerses audiences in the world of snowboarding.

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Additional videos and photos

In addition to the full-length movie, “Take It Easy” offers viewers a treasure trove of additional videos and photos on the official Quiksilver website. These bonus features provide fans with even more behind-the-scenes glimpses, extended footage, and immersive experiences that further enhance their connection to the movie and the riders.

By providing this additional content, Quiksilver aims to foster user engagement and create a sense of community among snowboarding enthusiasts. Viewers are invited to share their feedback and connect with other fans, further fueling their passion for the sport and anticipation for the upcoming winter season.


“Take It Easy” is more than just a snowboarding movie; it is a celebration of the sport and the incredible individuals who dedicate their lives to pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a snowboard. The film’s thrilling plot, remarkable riders, stunning filming locations, and captivating editing all come together to create an immersive experience that will leave viewers in awe.

The impact of “Take It Easy” on the snowboarding community is undeniable. It serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring riders and a reminder of the endless possibilities that snowboarding offers. The movie’s unique blend of style, talent, and creativity sets new standards for snowboarding cinematography, pushing the sport to new heights.

As snowboarding enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of the winter season, “Take It Easy” serves as a beacon of anticipation, reminding everyone of the exhilaration and sense of freedom that awaits them on the slopes. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this movie is sure to ignite your passion for snowboarding and leave you craving your next adventure on the mountain.

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