Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping snowboarding experience with the “SNOWBOARD | We Out There – MOVIE.” This captivating film, brought to you by Snowboard XTreme, showcases the impressive skills of riders Ethan Morgan, Mario Kaeppeli, and Flo Corzelius. Supported by a talented team of filmmakers, including Frederick Thelen and Martin Potocnik, this thrilling video captures their gravity-defying stunts and daring tricks. Featuring stunning footage from various locations around the world, this movie will leave you awe-inspired and craving for more action. So buckle up and join the snowboarding adventure, brought to you by XTreme Channel, the ultimate destination for extreme sports enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this incredible journey! Follow @xtremevideo on Twitter and like @xtvideo on Facebook for more heart-pounding content.



Introduction to the movie

“SNOWBOARD | We Out There” is an exhilarating snowboarding movie that showcases the incredible talents of riders Ethan Morgan, Mario Kaeppeli, and Flo Corzelius. This movie is a testament to their skills, as well as the dedication and passion they have for their sport. With stunning cinematography and thrilling action, “We Out There” takes viewers on an unforgettable journey through the world of snowboarding.

Overview of the riders

Ethan Morgan, Mario Kaeppeli, and Flo Corzelius are three of the most talented and respected snowboarders in the industry. Each rider has a unique style and approach to the sport, bringing their own flair to every trick and jump. Ethan Morgan is known for his technical skills and creativity on the mountain, while Mario Kaeppeli is praised for his smooth and stylish riding. Flo Corzelius, on the other hand, is known for his fearless approach to big mountain riding. Together, these riders create a dynamic trio that captivates audiences.

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Filming and editing team

The success of “SNOWBOARD | We Out There” wouldn’t be possible without the talented filming and editing team behind the scenes. Frederick Thelen, Martin Potocnik, Ryan Scardigli, Franco Marco Avi, Balint Hambalko, QParks, Sebi Madlener, Philipp Haeberle, Julian Pintarelli, and Daniel Diedrich all contributed their skills and expertise to capturing the action and bringing it to life on the screen. Their passion for snowboarding and commitment to their craft shines through in every shot and edit.

Supporting sponsors

“SNOWBOARD | We Out There” is proudly supported by a number of industry-leading sponsors who share the filmmakers’ and riders’ passion for the sport. Volcom, Electric, Colour Wear, Smith, Endeavor, and Airhole have all provided vital support to make this movie a reality. These sponsors not only help to fund the production, but they also provide the riders with the equipment and gear they need to perform at their best.

Special thanks

The filmmakers extend a special thanks to two individuals who played a significant role in the creation of “SNOWBOARD | We Out There.” FlameBoy, a trusted friend and supporter of the team, provided warmth and encouragement throughout the filming process. Additionally, Russian T..teos, whose specific contributions are unknown, is also recognized and thanked for their involvement in the film.

About the X-Treme Channel

The X-Treme Channel is a platform that showcases extreme sports action from all over the world. With a strong presence on social media, the channel aims to connect with a wide audience that shares a love for adrenaline-pumping activities. They provide a diverse range of content, including snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, surfing, and more. The X-Treme Channel is a go-to destination for those seeking thrilling sports action and inspiring stories.

Highlights of the movie

“SNOWBOARD | We Out There” is filled with breathtaking action scenes that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. From death-defying jumps to awe-inspiring tricks, every moment is a testament to the skill and determination of the riders. The movie also features some unforgettable moments that capture the raw beauty and power of nature. Additionally, the filmmakers have gone to great lengths to find unique and visually stunning locations that add another dimension to the film.

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Plot or theme of the movie

At its core, “SNOWBOARD | We Out There” is a story of exploration and adventure. The riders embark on a journey to push their limits and find new, untouched terrain. Along the way, they not only bond with each other but also connect with the natural world around them. This movie represents the true spirit of snowboarding and the boundless possibilities that arise when passion and nature collide.

Audience and target demographic

“SNOWBOARD | We Out There” appeals to a wide audience of snowboarding enthusiasts and extreme sports fans. The movie is not only entertaining but also provides an inside look at the world of professional snowboarding. It serves as inspiration for aspiring snowboarders and showcases the skill and dedication required to excel in this sport. Whether you’re an avid snowboarder or simply appreciate the beauty of extreme sports, this movie is sure to captivate and inspire.

Daniel Diedrich

Daniel Diedrich is an integral part of the “SNOWBOARD | We Out There” team, serving as both a filmer and editor. His expertise and creativity are evident in every shot and edit of the movie. Daniel’s previous works and experience in the snowboarding industry have contributed to his exceptional skills behind the camera. His collaboration with the other team members has resulted in a cohesive and visually stunning film that does justice to the talents of the riders.

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