Snow | “Still Hard” Full Movie

Snow | “Still Hard” Full Movie

In “Snow | “Still Hard” Full Movie,” Snowboard XTreme presents an exhilarating snowboarding film that is sure to leave viewers in awe. This 2013 full movie, brought to you by the same talented ladies behind Too Hard, showcases their incredible skills and passion for the sport. Featuring an impressive lineup of athletes, including Alexa McCarty, Vanessa Moore, Taylor Elliot, and many more, the film takes viewers on a thrilling ride through breathtaking snow-covered landscapes. With an electrifying soundtrack that perfectly complements the high-flying action, this snowboarding full movie is a must-watch for any adrenaline junkie and snow sports enthusiast.

Join Danyale Patterson, one of the stars in the film, on a journey that goes beyond the slopes. Connect with her on Instagram (@toohardxxx), Facebook (/stilltoohard), Twitter (/xtremevideo), and Facebook (/xtvideo). For more exciting snowboarding content and freeride videos, click here. Get ready to be captivated by the gravity-defying stunts and incredible talent showcased in “Snow | “Still Hard” Full Movie” – an experience you won’t want to miss!

Snow | “Still Hard” Full Movie

Snow | Still Hard Full Movie


The film “Snow | Still Hard” is a full-length snowboarding movie released in 2013. Produced by Snowboard XTreme, it showcases the incredible talents of a diverse group of female snowboarders. With stunning cinematography and an energetic soundtrack, the film captures the thrill and excitement of snowboarding. In this article, we will delve into the main characters, featured riders, soundtrack, snowboarding styles, behind the scenes, critical reception, social media presence, and upcoming projects related to the movie.

Main Characters

The movie features a vast array of talented female snowboarders, each bringing their own unique style and skills to the screen. Some of the main characters include Alexa McCarty, Vanessa Moore, Taylor Elliot, Marie-Andree Racine, Rachida Aoulad, Laura Rogoski, Riley Elliot, Kumar Kelley, Mary Luggen, Joelle Juchi, Fancy Rutherford, Danyale Patterson, Desiree Melancon, Erin Comstock, Jessi Huege, Joanie Robichaud, Corinne Pasela, Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman, and Madison Blackley. Each rider’s distinct personality and impressive snowboarding abilities contribute to the film’s overall impact.

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Featured Riders

The featured riders in “Snow | Still Hard” have achieved numerous notable accomplishments in the world of snowboarding. Their skills and achievements range from competitive success to groundbreaking tricks and innovative approaches to the sport. The movie showcases their impressive talent and provides a platform for them to share their passion and expertise.


The soundtrack of “Snow | Still Hard” plays a vital role in enhancing the viewing experience. The selected songs complement the high-energy snowboarding action and contribute to the overall aesthetic of the film. Some of the featured tracks include “U.F.O.’s Over Vampire City” by Eric Copeland, “p-poppin'” by Ludacris, “Cop Killer” by John Maus, “Waltz” by Monster Rally, “Okay Cupid” by Kitty Pryde, “Keys to my Heart” by High Park, “Hard in Da Paint (GRANT Remix)” by GRANT, and “Hey Moon” by John Maus. The combination of these songs creates a dynamic and engaging atmosphere throughout the movie.

Snowboarding Styles

“Snow | Still Hard” captures various snowboarding styles, showcasing the versatility and creativity of the featured riders. The film explores freestyle, a style characterized by tricks, jumps, and spins performed in terrain parks or halfpipes. The riders also demonstrate freeriding, which involves exploring natural landscapes and carving down mountainsides. Additionally, the movie features backcountry snowboarding, where the riders venture into untouched areas of the mountain, often tackling challenging terrain and performing breathtaking tricks. Lastly, street snowboarding is highlighted, showcasing the riders’ ability to perform tricks on urban features such as railings and staircases.

Behind the Scenes

The making of “Snow | Still Hard” involved various filming locations and presented a range of challenges. The crew traveled to different mountains and snowboarding destinations across the globe to capture the riders in their element. The film crew faced adverse weather conditions, logistical obstacles, and the need to capture the perfect shots amidst rapidly changing snow conditions. Despite the hurdles, the team worked together harmoniously, driven by their shared passion for snowboarding and commitment to creating a visually stunning film.

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Critical Reception

“Snow | Still Hard” received positive reviews from snowboarding enthusiasts and critics alike. The film’s dynamic cinematography, exceptional riding, and engaging storyline were lauded as highlights. Critics praised the diversity of the featured riders and the representation of female snowboarders in the male-dominated sport. The film was also recognized and nominated for several awards within the snowboarding community, solidifying its status as a standout production.

Social Media Presence

To reach a wider audience and connect with fans, “Snow | Still Hard” established a strong social media presence. The film has dedicated Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, where updates, behind-the-scenes footage, and rider interviews are regularly shared. Through these platforms, fans can engage with the film’s content, interact with the riders, and stay updated on future projects and events.

Upcoming Projects

Building on the success of “Snow | Still Hard,” the team behind the film has exciting new projects in the pipeline. These projects aim to push the boundaries of snowboarding filmmaking further, leading to new and innovative ways to showcase the sport. Fans can look forward to more captivating movies that inspire and captivate audiences while giving a platform to talented snowboarders.


“Snow | Still Hard” is a groundbreaking snowboarding film that showcases the incredible talents of female riders. The film’s main characters, featured riders, soundtrack, snowboarding styles, behind-the-scenes footage, critical reception, and social media presence have played significant roles in its success. With its visually stunning cinematography and the immense passion exhibited by the riders, the movie has left a lasting impact on the snowboarding community and continues to inspire future generations. “Snow | Still Hard” is more than just a movie; it is a celebration of skill, perseverance, and the indomitable spirit of women in the world of snowboarding.

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