Travis Rice, a renowned snowboarder, has long been infamous for his daring pursuits in the mountains of Alaska. Every year, he embarks on a pilgrimage to this remarkable terrain, conquering jaw-dropping lines and capturing it all on film. However, the resounding impact of COVID disrupted Rice’s yearly tradition, leaving him unable to conquer the Alaskan mountains. Thankfully though, the silver lining emerged in the form of his very own backyard in Jackson Hole. With phenomenal snow conditions, breathtaking landscapes, and a serene solitude, Rice found the perfect opportunity to reset and reconnect with his familiar stomping grounds. Prepare to be awestruck as you witness Travis Rice’s unrivaled skills in action once again.

Travis Rice’s latest adventure, aptly titled “Resetter,” invites viewers to join him on an unparalleled journey. Presented by Quiksilver, this awe-inspiring video showcases Rice’s ability to effortlessly navigate treacherous slopes and push the boundaries of what is possible on a snowboard. While Alaska may not have been within reach, the captivating allure of Jackson Hole’s boundless backcountry proved to be just as rewarding. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience as you witness the magic of Travis Rice, immersing yourself in the majesty of epic snow, awe-inspiring terrain, and the sheer beauty of solace. Press play and allow Rice to blow your mind once again with his extraordinary talent and daring exploits.



Travis Rice, the renowned snowboarder and filmmaker, has a long-standing tradition of embarking on an annual pilgrimage to the mountains of Alaska. It is in the vast and unforgiving landscape of Alaska that Rice finds and conquers some of the most outrageous and awe-inspiring lines, creating films that both terrify and inspire the rest of the snowboarding community. However, the year 2020 brought an unexpected disruption to this cherished tradition – the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Annual Pilgrimage to Alaska

For years, Travis Rice eagerly anticipated his journey to Alaska, a place where he could push the limits of his skills and capture mind-blowing footage for his films. The towering peaks, deep powder, and untouched backcountry terrain were his playground. Each year, he returned for another dose of adrenaline and adventure, fueling his passion for snowboarding and filmmaking.

COVID Disrupts the Tradition

Like many others around the world, Travis Rice’s plans were derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel restrictions and safety concerns made it impossible for him to undertake his annual trip to Alaska. The disappointment was palpable, but Rice, being the adaptable and resilient individual that he is, decided to look at the situation from a different angle.


Backcountry Adventures in Jackson Hole

Fortunately for Travis Rice, he resides in Jackson Hole, a region renowned for its backcountry terrain and incredible snowfall. While it may not offer the same sheer expanses as Alaska, Jackson Hole presented an appealing alternative for Rice to explore. With untouched powder, challenging slopes, and jaw-dropping scenery, it served as the perfect backdrop for his snowboarding adventures.

Opportunity for Reset and Reconnection

As Travis Rice delved into the backcountry of Jackson Hole, he discovered more than just thrilling snowboarding opportunities – he found a chance to reset and reconnect with his old stomping grounds. The idyllic setting, far away from the noise and distractions of everyday life, provided Rice with a serene and tranquil environment to reconnect with nature and himself. It was a much-needed break from the chaos and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic.

Epic Snow and Incredible Terrain

One of the main draws of Alaska for Travis Rice was the epic snow and incredible terrain it offered. To his surprise, Jackson Hole proved to be no different. The region received abundant snowfall, blanketing the mountains in a pristine layer of powder, just waiting to be carved up by Rice’s board. Coupled with the diverse and challenging terrain, it was a snowboarder’s paradise.

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Finding Solitude in Beautiful Surroundings

In addition to the exceptional snow and terrain, Travis Rice reveled in the beauty and solitude of his surroundings in Jackson Hole. The vast expanses of untouched wilderness provided a sense of freedom and escape from the confines of everyday life. Rice found solace and tranquility in navigating the backcountry, with only the sound of his board cutting through the snow and the breathtaking views as his companions.

Alaska Comes to You

While Travis Rice may not have been able to physically travel to Alaska, the spirit of the Alaskan backcountry seemed to have found its way to him in Jackson Hole. The challenging lines, steep slopes, and unpredictable conditions mirrored the excitement and thrill he experienced in Alaska. It was as if the essence of Alaska had come to meet him, reminding him that adventure can be found in the most unexpected of places.

Travis Rice Blows Your Mind Again

Travis Rice, with his unparalleled talent and fearless approach to snowboarding, never fails to astound and inspire. In his latest film, “RESETTER,” sponsored by Quiksilver, he takes viewers on a breathtaking journey through the uncharted territory of Jackson Hole. Capturing mind-bending footage and executing jaw-dropping tricks, Rice continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of snowboarding. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping experience that will leave you in awe.


Travis Rice may not have made his annual pilgrimage to Alaska in 2020, but by embracing the opportunities that his backyard in Jackson Hole offered, he discovered a new sense of adventure and connection. The disruption caused by COVID-19 allowed Rice to reset and rediscover the beauty of the familiar, proving that sometimes, the greatest adventures are found in our own backyard. As we eagerly await the release of Rice’s latest film, we can only imagine the incredible feats he has accomplished and the minds he has blown yet again.

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