How to POW Butter – Snowboarding Tutorial

How to POW Butter – Snowboarding Tutorial

In this snowboarding tutorial video by SnowboardProCamp, Kevin and his friend Garrett are enjoying a sunny powder day at Mt. Bachelor. They share a few tips for doing pow butters, which involves getting onto one back foot, performing a 180 in the air, and landing on the other back foot. To maintain balance in powder snow, it is important to shift the weight onto the back foot, keep the front of the board up in the air, and twist the body while in the air. They recommend finding an open area of powder with plenty of space to practice the pow butters. Kevin and Garrett have a blast trying out the technique, and despite the snow being a bit firm, they still have a lot of fun. Viewers are encouraged to give it a try and have fun while snowboarding.

Preparing for Pow Butters

Before attempting pow butters, it’s important to choose the right snowboarding gear. Having the proper equipment will make your experience more enjoyable and safe. Make sure to select a snowboard that suits your riding style and ability level. Additionally, invest in a pair of snowboard boots that provide ample support and comfort. The right gear will give you the confidence and stability you need to execute pow butters successfully.

Once you’ve got the right gear, the next step is to find the best powder on the mountain. Pow butters are all about gliding through smooth, untouched snow, so it’s crucial to choose the right powder zone. Look for areas with fresh, fluffy powder and avoid spots that have already been ridden through, as those can have uneven tracks that may disrupt your flow. Seek out open areas with plenty of space to practice and experiment with your pow butters.

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Mastering Technique

To execute pow butters successfully, it’s essential to master the proper technique. Start by shifting your weight to your back foot. This will help keep the front of your board lifted and prevent it from sinking into the powder. By focusing your weight on your back foot, you’ll be able to maintain control and stability as you perform the trick.

When you’re ready to execute the pow butter, it’s time to pop up out of the powder. Use your back foot to generate upward momentum, launching yourself into the air. As you’re in the air, twist your body and the board a quick 180 degrees. This will allow you to land on your other back foot, setting you up for the next rotation. Remember to maintain balance and control throughout the entire maneuver.

To add more variety and style to your pow butters, try alternating back feet with each rotation. This will create a fluid motion and give you a sense of rhythm as you glide through the powder. As you practice, experiment with different techniques and find what works best for you. The key is to feel comfortable and confident in executing the pow butter.

Getting Comfortable Riding Switch in Powder

Before attempting pow butters, it’s beneficial to practice riding switch in powder. Riding switch means riding with your opposite foot forward, which can feel unfamiliar and challenging at first. By getting used to this different feel, you’ll be better prepared to execute pow butters smoothly. Take some time to familiarize yourself with riding switch in powder before attempting any tricks.

Building confidence is crucial when it comes to pow butters. Take the time to practice and hone your skills before attempting more advanced maneuvers. Start with small rotations and gradually work your way up to larger pow butters. By progressing at your own pace, you’ll improve your technique and gain the necessary confidence to tackle more challenging tricks.

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How to POW Butter - Snowboarding Tutorial

Choosing the Right Powder Zone

To maximize your enjoyment of pow butters, it’s essential to choose the right powder zone. Look for areas with smooth powder, as this will allow you to glide effortlessly and maintain control. Avoid areas with existing tracks, as these can create uneven surfaces that may disrupt your flow. Finding a zone with untouched snow will provide the ideal conditions for executing pow butters.

Keep an eye out for areas where the powder looks smooth and inviting. These spots will give you the best chance of executing a clean and stylish pow butter. Take the time to scout the mountain and find the perfect powder zone for your tricks. Having a designated area to practice and perfect your pow butters will greatly enhance your overall snowboarding experience.

Tips for Successful Pow Butters

Executing successful pow butters requires attention to detail and technique. Here are some tips to help you achieve the best results:

  1. Spot your landing: It’s crucial to spot your landing as you rotate in the air. This will allow you to prepare for your landing and maintain stability throughout the trick.

  2. Maintain balance and control: Focus on maintaining a balanced stance and keeping your weight centered over your board. This will help you stay in control and execute the maneuver smoothly.

  3. Experiment with different pop heights: Play around with different amounts of upward momentum when popping out of the powder. Adjusting your pop height can add variety and style to your pow butters.

  4. Progress from small to larger pow butters: Start with small rotations and gradually increase the size and complexity of your pow butters. Building up your skills progressively will help you develop better control and technique.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you practice your pow butters, the more comfortable and confident you will become.

How to POW Butter - Snowboarding Tutorial

Enjoying the Buttery Feeling

One of the most rewarding aspects of pow butters is the sensation of gliding through powder. Take the time to embrace this feeling and appreciate the unique experience. As you execute your pow butters, focus on the sensation of floating on the snow and the smoothness of your movements. Enjoy the freedom and creativity that pow butters offer, and embrace the joy of snowboarding in powder.

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Appreciating the ride is also important. Take some moments to reflect on your runs and appreciate the progression you’ve made. Snowboarding is about enjoying the journey, so don’t forget to have fun along the way. Snowboarding is a sport that allows for personal expression and creativity, so let loose and enjoy the buttery feeling.

Reviewing the Experience

After your pow butter session, take the time to reflect on your performance and identify areas for improvement. Pay attention to your technique and take note of what worked well and what could be improved upon. By reviewing your sessions, you can pinpoint specific areas to focus on during future practice sessions.

Planning future sessions is crucial for continuous improvement. Set goals and objectives to help you progress and refine your skills. Whether it’s working on increasing the size of your rotations or experimenting with different variations, having a plan in place will keep you motivated and engaged. Remember, snowboarding is all about progressing and challenging yourself.


Pow butters are a fun and exciting snowboarding trick to try in powder. By mastering the technique, choosing the right gear, and finding the perfect powder zones, you can enhance your snowboarding experience and take your skills to the next level. Remember to enjoy the buttery feeling and have fun along the way. With practice, persistence, and a love for snowboarding, you’ll be executing stylish pow butters in no time. So get out there, embrace the powder, and have a great time shredding!

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