10 Switch Snowboard Riding Challenges

10 Switch Snowboard Riding Challenges

“10 Switch Snowboard Riding Challenges” is a video by SnowboardProCamp that offers ten engaging switch riding challenges to enhance your snowboarding skills. The content of the video includes tips for riding switch, the importance of switch riding for learning tricks, and the overall improvement it brings to your snowboarding abilities. The challenges range from practicing switch turns and spins to riding switch in powder and through moguls. Each challenge comes with valuable instructions and tips to help you progress in your switch riding journey. By completing these challenges and keeping track of your progress, you can expect to see significant improvements in both your switch riding and overall snowboarding skills.

10 Switch Snowboard Riding Challenges

Switch Turns

Switch turns are a fundamental skill for riding switch on a snowboard. To perform a switch turn, the rider simply lets their new front foot go first down the hill while leaning more weight onto their new front foot. This helps the board go straight and allows the rider to continue their descent. By practicing switch turns, riders can become more comfortable and confident riding switch, which is essential for learning tricks and improving their overall riding ability.

Spinning Down the Run

A great trick to help riders learn switch is to try spinning down the run. By alternating between their edges and constantly turning in one direction, riders can improve their balance and control while riding switch. Once they feel comfortable with spinning in one direction, they can challenge themselves by rotating in the other direction, continuously changing between their heels and toes. This drill will not only enhance switch riding skills but also improve overall coordination and body control on the snowboard.

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Skating and Getting Off the Chairlift Switch

Skating and getting off the chairlift switch can be a tricky challenge for riders. Skating involves using the snowboard as a skate to maneuver on flat terrain or uphill sections. When getting off the chairlift switch, the rider needs to carefully position themselves on their board and be prepared to ride away in the opposite direction. These challenges require coordination and balance, and practicing them regularly can improve the rider’s switch riding abilities.

Sliding Turns Switch

Sliding turns switch is another important skill for riding switch. By staying in control and spraying snow at the side of each turn, riders learn how to maintain their balance and control while riding in the switch position. Sliding turns switch also help riders build their confidence, as they become more comfortable with their ability to control their board and make precise turns in the switch stance.

10 Switch Snowboard Riding Challenges

Riding Switch with Speed

Learning to ride switch with speed is crucial for improving switch riding skills and performing various tricks. Riders should practice riding switch while maintaining a moderate speed, as this will enhance their balance and control. Switch speed checks are also important, as they allow riders to quickly twist their bodies and put their board on edge to control their speed. By practicing riding switch with speed and mastering switch speed checks, riders will be better equipped to tackle more challenging terrain and maneuvers.

Riding Up Side Banks

Riding up side banks is a great way to challenge switch riding abilities. This exercise requires riders to use their steering and balance skills to ride up the side bank smoothly and then ride back down. By practicing riding up side banks, riders can improve their switch riding skills and prepare themselves for switch jumps in the park. This exercise also helps riders develop better control of their board and honing their ability to maintain balance while riding switch on various terrain features.

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10 Switch Snowboard Riding Challenges

Switch Side Hits

Doing switch side hits is an excellent way to build confidence and improve switch riding skills. Riders should look for small jumps on the side of the run and do as many as possible to develop their confidence for hitting switch jumps. By regularly practicing switch side hits, riders can improve their technique and feel more comfortable performing switch jumps when riding outside the park.

Clear Landings for Jumps

When doing jumps, it is crucial to ensure that the landings are clear of other riders. Clear landings provide riders with a safe and controlled environment for performing switch jumps. Before attempting any jumps, riders should always check that the landing area is clear and free from obstacles or other riders. Clear landings not only enhance safety but also allow riders to focus on executing their switch jumps with confidence and precision.

Riding Switch Through Moguls

Riding switch through moguls is a challenging but rewarding switch riding challenge. The key to successfully navigating through moguls in the switch position is to take it slow and ride over one mogul at a time while controlling speed. By practicing riding switch through moguls, riders can improve their switch riding skills, enhance their balance, and develop better overall riding abilities.


Switch riding is a crucial skill for any snowboarder looking to improve their riding and learn new tricks. By dedicating a day solely to riding switch and attempting these ten switch riding challenges, riders can significantly enhance their switch riding abilities. These challenges not only help riders improve their balance, control, and technique, but they also provide a measure of progress through self-assessment. By continuously challenging themselves and working through these switch riding challenges, riders can become more confident and proficient in riding switch, ultimately improving their overall snowboarding skills.

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