3 Tips to Snowboard With More SPEED

3 Tips to Snowboard With More SPEED

In the video “3 Tips to Snowboard With More SPEED” by SnowboardProCamp, Kevin shares his top gear picks and provides advice on how to ride with greater speed while snowboarding on Whistler mountain. His first tip is to carefully assess the terrain ahead and strategically plan when to increase or decrease speed. The second tip involves using your knees to control the pressure and speed built up on your snowboard. Lastly, Kevin emphasizes the importance of using the edges of your board to spray snow out the side of each turn, allowing for better control. He encourages viewers to leave any questions in the comments and recommends checking out the intermediate snowboarding playlist for more helpful videos.

Tip 1: Look at the terrain ahead

When it comes to snowboarding with more speed, it’s important to look at the terrain ahead and plan where you’ll speed up or slow down. This will help you navigate the mountain more effectively and make strategic decisions to control your speed.

When riding down the slope, it’s beneficial to look at the fall line. The fall line is the path where gravity naturally pulls you down the mountain. You can use this knowledge to your advantage by identifying areas where you’ll naturally pick up speed. These are the sections where you’ll want to focus on maintaining control and potentially slowing yourself down.

On the other hand, corners or turns provide great opportunities to control your speed and slow yourself down. By anticipating these areas and adjusting your approach accordingly, you can navigate the mountain more smoothly and safely.

It’s important to constantly look ahead and identify these sections of the terrain where you can speed up or slow down. By planning your actions in advance, you’ll be better prepared and more in control of your speed.

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3 Tips to Snowboard With More SPEED

Tip 2: Use your knees to control speed

One of the keys to snowboarding with more speed is using your knees to control the pressure and speed that builds on your snowboard. When riding at high speeds, a lot of pressure can build on your board, which can cause instability and chatter.

To avoid this, you can use your knees to absorb the pressure and relieve it off your board. When approaching bumps or uneven terrain, try bending your knees to absorb all the pressure. This will help you maintain balance and control as you navigate through these challenging sections.

Conversely, when you want to build pressure and speed, you can extend your legs. By extending your legs, you’re pushing against the snow and creating more pressure on your board, which translates into increased speed. This technique can be particularly useful when you’re trying to pick up speed on flat sections or when you want to accelerate down steeper slopes.

By actively using your knees to control the pressure on your board, you’ll be able to maintain stability and ride with more speed.

3 Tips to Snowboard With More SPEED

Tip 3: Utilize your board’s edges

Another important tip for snowboarding with more speed is to utilize your board’s edges effectively. This involves using different techniques to control your speed and maintain stability throughout your ride.

When you want to slow down, you can apply pressure on your heels to engage the heel edge of your board. This will create friction and resistance against the snow, causing you to decelerate. By leaning back slightly and pressing on your heels, you can effectively control your speed and navigate through turns or tighter sections of the terrain.

Conversely, when you want to speed up, you can apply pressure on your toes to engage the toe edge of your board. By leaning forward and putting pressure on your toes, you’ll create a more streamlined position and increase your speed. This can be particularly effective when riding on straighter sections or when you want to accelerate down a slope.

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Additionally, you can spray snow out the side of each turn to slow down. By putting extra pressure on your edges and allowing snow to spray, you create resistance that helps you control your speed.

It’s also beneficial to learn from others. Watch how more experienced snowboarders use their edges to control their speed, and try to replicate their technique. If possible, getting a video of yourself riding can provide valuable insights on where you’re applying pressure and where you can make improvements.

By utilizing your board’s edges effectively, you’ll have greater control over your speed and be able to navigate the mountain with confidence.

3 Tips to Snowboard With More SPEED


Snowboarding with more speed requires a combination of technique, strategy, and control. By looking at the terrain ahead and identifying areas to speed up or slow down, you can plan your movements and navigate the mountain more effectively. Using your knees to control the pressure and speed on your board allows you to absorb pressure and maintain stability. Utilizing your board’s edges to spray snow, release pressure, and learn from others helps you control your speed and enhance your overall snowboarding experience.

By incorporating these tips into your snowboarding practice, you’ll be able to ride with more speed and gain confidence on the mountain. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new techniques. With time and dedication, you’ll be able to master the art of snowboarding with more speed.

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