5 Moves To Improve Your Snowboard Turns

5 Moves To Improve Your Snowboard Turns

In “5 Moves To Improve Your Snowboard Turns,” SnowboardProCamp presents five moves that can instantly enhance your snowboarding turns. The video showcases each move and provides examples to easily implement them into your snowboarding technique. The first move focuses on using your backhand during a toe turn, while the second move emphasizes reaching with your front hand to shift your weight forward. Additionally, the article suggests looking over your shoulder for balance, riding with bent knees and a straight back for better control, and creating a rhythm with your turns by counting in your head. These five moves are designed to improve your snowboard turns and enhance your overall snowboarding experience.

5 Moves To Improve Your Snowboard Turns

Using Your Backhand

When it comes to improving snowboard turns, using your backhand effectively plays a crucial role. During a toe turn, it is important to keep your backhand back and over the top of your tail. By pulling your backhand back, you can engage the toe turn more effectively. Think of your backhand as the rudder of a boat – just like you pull the rudder back to steer the boat, pulling your backhand back helps you engage the toe turn and bring it around more easily. You can even point your backhand across the slope to enhance the turn. By focusing on your backhand during each toe turn, you can greatly improve your control, balance, and alignment on the snowboard.

Using Your Front Hand

Another key move to improve snowboard turns is utilizing your front hand effectively. Reach down towards the snow with your front hand to shift your weight forward. This is particularly helpful for those who struggle with committing their weight forward down the hill. By reaching towards the snow with your front hand, you can ensure that your weight is properly distributed and positioned forward. As a result, the tail of your snowboard will come around more easily, allowing for smoother and more controlled turns. Take it slow and gradually incorporate this movement into your riding to experience better turning performance.

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Looking Over Your Shoulder

Maintaining proper alignment and balance is essential for effective snowboard turns. To achieve this, make sure to look over your shoulder while riding. By looking over your shoulder, you align your shoulders with the snowboard, ensuring optimal balance and control throughout the turns. If you feel a slight twist in your neck, it signifies that you are looking over your shoulder and achieving the desired alignment. This technique becomes particularly important when riding on flat terrain, as aligning your shoulders with the snowboard provides superior balance and stability. By incorporating this move into your riding, you can enhance your overall turning performance.

Bending Your Knees and Keeping Your Back Straight

Maintaining an athletic stance is crucial for easier steering, balance, and adaptability to obstacles on the run. Bend your knees and keep your back straight to achieve this athletic position. When your knees are bent, you establish a strong and stable base, allowing for better control of the snowboard. This stance also enables you to adjust to any unexpected obstacles that may appear on the course. Additionally, keeping your back straight ensures that your weight remains centered and over the snowboard, rather than leaning out over the snow. By incorporating these techniques into your riding, you can enhance your ability to handle various terrains and challenges on the mountain.

5 Moves To Improve Your Snowboard Turns

Creating a Rhythm with Your Turns

Developing a rhythm while making turns on your snowboard can greatly improve your control, speed management, and overall balance. By counting in your head and making your turns the same size, you establish a consistent and controlled rhythm. For example, count “one, two, three” on your toe turn, and repeat the counting on your heel turn. This rhythm allows you to evenly distribute your speed and maintain better control over your movements. Moreover, making turns of the same size helps reduce fatigue and strain on your legs. Instead of trying to make one turn bigger than the other, focus on creating a smooth and even rhythm. This approach instills a greater sense of control and confidence in your riding.

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Implementing these five moves into your snowboarding technique will undoubtedly enhance your turns on the mountain. Focusing on your backhand, utilizing your front hand, looking over your shoulder, maintaining the proper stance, and creating a rhythm will improve your control, balance, and overall alignment. With these techniques, you can feel more confident and in control while navigating various terrains and obstacles. Practice these moves consistently and make them a part of your riding routine to maximize your performance and enjoyment on the slopes. Keep shredding and have fun!

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