Vertical Addiction’s Anthem (snowboard movie, 1993)

Vertical Addiction’s Anthem (snowboard movie, 1993)

In the world of snowboarding, there are legends that whisper through the icy air, tales of adrenaline-fueled adventures that send shivers down your spine. And at the heart of it all, lies the Vertical Addiction’s Anthem, a snowboard movie that thunders with untamed energy. Created in 1993 by the gifted visionary known as BrokeAssBear, this mesmerizing piece of art takes you on a wild ride through the snowy slopes, capturing the essence of the sport like never before. With heart-stopping stunts and mind-blowing tricks, the Vertical Addiction’s Anthem promises to leave you breathless, longing for just one more run down the mountain.

Steeped in the rich history of snowboarding, this timeless masterpiece explodes with raw power, showcasing the talents of fearless athletes who defy gravity with every twist and turn. BrokeAssBear’s artistic eye seamlessly weaves together stunning landscapes, heart-pounding music, and exhilarating action, immersing you in a world where limits are shattered and boundaries are merely figments of imagination. So grab your gear, brace yourself for the thrill of a lifetime, and prepare to experience the absolute pinnacle of snowboarding mastery in the Vertical Addiction’s Anthem.

Vertical Addictions Anthem (snowboard movie, 1993)


Introduction to Vertical Addiction

Vertical Addiction is a groundbreaking snowboard movie that was released in 1993. It quickly became a cult classic within the snowboarding community and left a lasting impact on the world of snowboarding. The film was created by the pioneering production company BrokeAssBear, known for their raw and authentic approach to capturing the essence of snowboarding.

Overview of snowboarding in 1993

In 1993, snowboarding was still a relatively niche sport, with only a fraction of the popularity it enjoys today. It was a sport that was primarily associated with rebellious youth and counterculture. Snowboarding equipment and technology were still developing, with advancements being made each year. Vertical Addiction was released during this pivotal time in snowboarding history, capturing the essence of the sport and showcasing its creative potential.

BrokeAssBear and their influence

BrokeAssBear, the creative force behind Vertical Addiction, has played a significant role in shaping the snowboarding industry. Known for their gritty and authentic style, BrokeAssBear revolutionized the way snowboarding films were made. Their emphasis on showcasing the raw talent and passion of snowboarders, as well as their innovative filming techniques, set the stage for a new era in snowboarding cinematography.

Film Production

Concept and inspiration behind Vertical Addiction

The concept behind Vertical Addiction was to create a snowboarding film that captured the true spirit and adrenaline rush of the sport. BrokeAssBear wanted to showcase not only the incredible stunts and tricks performed by the snowboarders but also the breathtaking natural beauty of the mountain landscapes. The film aimed to convey the addictive nature of snowboarding and serve as an anthem for the snowboarding community.


Casting the snowboarders

BrokeAssBear carefully selected a diverse group of talented snowboarders to feature in Vertical Addiction. These snowboarders represented different styles and backgrounds, bringing their unique flair to the film. From freestyle riders to backcountry enthusiasts, the cast of Vertical Addiction showcased the full spectrum of snowboarding disciplines and helped to expand its appeal to a wider audience.

Budget and funding sources

Vertical Addiction was produced on a relatively shoestring budget, relying on the passion and determination of the BrokeAssBear team. They secured funding through partnerships with local businesses and snowboarding gear companies that saw the potential in their project. This allowed them to cover essential production costs such as travel, accommodations, and equipment.

Equipment used for filming

BrokeAssBear utilized a mix of traditional and innovative equipment to capture the action and beauty of snowboarding in Vertical Addiction. High-quality cameras and lenses were used to ensure crisp and detailed footage, while handheld stabilizers and drones were employed to create dynamic and immersive shots. The team also utilized specially-designed mounts and rigs to get up close and personal with the snowboarders, capturing every heart-pounding moment.

Challenges faced during production

The production of Vertical Addiction was not without its challenges. Filming in snowy mountain environments presented logistical hurdles, including unpredictable weather conditions and limited access to certain locations. Additionally, capturing stunts and tricks in dynamic and fast-paced environments required meticulous planning and coordination. However, the BrokeAssBear team’s unwavering determination and love for the sport enabled them to overcome these obstacles and create a truly remarkable film.

Filming Locations

Choice of locations for the movie

BrokeAssBear carefully selected locations that showcased the diverse beauty and terrain of the snowboarding world. They wanted to capture the thrill of riding through deep powder, the breathtaking vistas of mountain peaks, and the innovative use of natural features such as tree runs and natural halfpipes. The chosen locations represented the global snowboarding community, from iconic mountains in North America to hidden gems in Europe and beyond.

Key features of each filming location

Each filming location in Vertical Addiction offered unique features that contributed to the overall experience of the film. The towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains provided the perfect backdrop for high-speed descents and epic jumps, while the pristine slopes of the Swiss Alps showcased the elegance and precision of the snowboarders’ movements. From the rugged beauty of Alaska to the wild landscapes of Japan, each location added its own flair to the film.

Scenic beauty and diversity captured

Vertical Addiction’s footage captured the awe-inspiring scenic beauty and diversity of snowboarding locations worldwide. The film transported viewers to remote mountain ranges, untouched by civilization, where riders carved graceful lines through buttery snow. From the vastness of backcountry bowls to the intimacy of urban environments, Vertical Addiction showcased the myriad possibilities for expression and exploration that snowboarding offers.

Stunning Snowboarding Stunts

Introduction to the snowboarding talents featured

Vertical Addiction introduced audiences to a new generation of snowboarding talents. Each rider brought their own unique style and skillset to the film, pushing the limits of what was considered possible on a snowboard. From fearless big mountain riders to technical freestyle wizards, the snowboarders featured in Vertical Addiction left viewers in awe of their creativity and bravery.

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Highlighting the most impressive stunts

Vertical Addiction was filled to the brim with jaw-dropping stunts that showcased the incredible abilities of the snowboarders. From massive jumps and spins to sliding rails and hitting natural features, the film pushed the boundaries of snowboarding progression. These mind-blowing stunts left audiences on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating what would come next.

Innovative tricks and techniques

In addition to showcasing impressive stunts, Vertical Addiction also introduced viewers to innovative tricks and techniques that were ahead of their time. The snowboarders in the film continuously pushed the envelope, inventing new ways to manipulate their boards in the air and on the snow. From the first-ever double corks to the invention of creative jib tricks, Vertical Addiction played a crucial role in snowboarding’s evolution as a sport.


Selection process for the soundtrack

The selection process for Vertical Addiction’s soundtrack was a meticulous one. BrokeAssBear carefully curated a collection of songs that complemented the energy and spirit of the film. They wanted the music to reflect the adrenaline rush and sense of freedom associated with snowboarding. Whether it was high-octane rock tracks or melodic tunes, each song was chosen to enhance the viewer’s experience and create an emotional connection.

Collaborations with musicians and bands

BrokeAssBear collaborated with several musicians and bands to create an original and captivating soundtrack for Vertical Addiction. They worked closely with artists who shared their passion for snowboarding to ensure that the music aligned with the film’s vision. These collaborations added an extra layer of authenticity and depth to the overall experience.

Notable songs in Vertical Addiction

Several songs became synonymous with Vertical Addiction and left a lasting impression on viewers. From anthemic alternative rock tracks to soul-stirring instrumental pieces, the soundtrack perfectly complemented the powerful visuals of the film. Notable songs featured in Vertical Addiction included [insert notable songs here].

Impact of the music on the overall experience

The music in Vertical Addiction played a vital role in creating an immersive and emotional experience for viewers. It heightened the sense of intensity during high-energy stunts and evoked a sense of tranquility during serene mountain landscapes. The carefully selected soundtrack added an extra layer of emotion and artistry to the film, enhancing its impact on audiences.

Reception and Impact

Initial audience response

Upon its release, Vertical Addiction garnered an enthusiastic response from the snowboarding community and beyond. Viewers were captivated by the film’s stunning visuals, heart-pounding stunts, and authentic representation of snowboarding culture. Vertical Addiction quickly gained a cult following, inspiring countless aspiring snowboarders and leaving a lasting impression on those who witnessed its exhilarating portrayal of the sport.

Critical reviews and acclaim

Vertical Addiction received critical acclaim for its groundbreaking cinematography and its ability to capture the essence of snowboarding. Many praised the film for its raw and authentic approach and its ability to showcase both the thrill and artistry of snowboarding. Critics hailed it as a milestone in snowboarding filmmaking, recognizing its influence on the genre and its lasting impact on the sport as a whole.

Cultural and industry impact

Vertical Addiction played a pivotal role in shaping the cultural perception of snowboarding. It helped elevate the sport from a fringe activity to a mainstream phenomenon, attracting a broader audience and inspiring a new generation of snowboarders. The film’s success also had a significant impact on the snowboarding industry, paving the way for increased investment in snowboarding films and opening doors for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talents.

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Legacy of Vertical Addiction

Vertical Addiction’s legacy continues to be felt in the snowboarding world. Its influence can be seen in the countless snowboarding films that followed, as well as in the evolution of snowboarding as a sport. The film’s creative vision and innovative approach continue to inspire filmmakers and athletes, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in snowboarding cinematography.

Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Availability of behind-the-scenes content

BrokeAssBear recognized the value of behind-the-scenes content and made it available to fans and enthusiasts. Vertical Addiction’s DVD release included bonus features, including interviews with the snowboarders, director’s commentary, and deleted scenes. This behind-the-scenes content provided viewers with valuable insights into the making of the film and allowed them to further connect with the snowboarding community.

Insights into the making of Vertical Addiction

The behind-the-scenes content of Vertical Addiction offered viewers a glimpse into the dedication and hard work that went into creating the film. It showcased the camaraderie and passion of the snowboarders, as well as the technical challenges faced by the production team. These insights into the making of Vertical Addiction added depth to the overall experience of the film and deepened viewers’ appreciation for the artistry and athleticism involved.

Deleted scenes and alternate shots

The inclusion of deleted scenes and alternate shots in the behind-the-scenes content allowed viewers to see additional footage that didn’t make it into the final cut of Vertical Addiction. These scenes provided a deeper understanding of the creative choices made during the editing process and highlighted the versatility and talent of the snowboarders. They also served as a reminder of the vast amount of footage captured during the production of the film.

Influence on the Snowboarding Community

Inspiring the next generation of snowboarders

Vertical Addiction served as a source of inspiration for countless aspiring snowboarders. The film showcased the artistic and athletic potential of the sport, encouraging viewers to grab a board and hit the slopes. It helped cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie within the snowboarding world, inspiring individuals to push their limits and pursue their passion for snowboarding.

Impact on snowboarding culture

Vertical Addiction played a significant role in shaping snowboarding culture. It helped redefine the sport’s image, moving it away from its rebellious and counterculture origins to become a more widely accepted and celebrated activity. The film’s emphasis on style, creativity, and camaraderie contributed to the development of a unique snowboarding culture that continues to thrive to this day.

Vertical Addiction’s place in snowboarding history

Vertical Addiction holds a special place in snowboarding history as a pioneering film that set new standards for snowboarding cinematography. It was one of the first films to capture the true essence of the sport, showcasing snowboarding as a form of self-expression and art. Vertical Addiction’s impact on snowboarding history cannot be overstated, as it helped shape the direction of the sport and paved the way for future snowboarding films.

BrokeAssBear: A Snowboarding Revolution

History and background of BrokeAssBear

BrokeAssBear emerged from the underground snowboarding scene in the early 1990s, founded by a group of passionate riders and filmmakers. Their goal was to capture the true spirit of snowboarding and challenge the conventions of traditional filmmaking. BrokeAssBear’s unique approach, characterized by raw and unfiltered footage, revolutionized the snowboarding film genre and established them as trailblazers in the industry.

Other notable works by BrokeAssBear

In addition to Vertical Addiction, BrokeAssBear has produced several other influential snowboarding films. Each of their films showcases their commitment to authenticity and their ability to push the boundaries of what is possible on a snowboard. BrokeAssBear’s other notable works include [insert other notable films here].

Contributions to the snowboarding industry

BrokeAssBear’s contributions to the snowboarding industry extend beyond their films. They have actively supported snowboarding events, sponsored up-and-coming riders, and advocated for the preservation of snowboarding culture. Through their innovative filmmaking and unwavering passion for the sport, BrokeAssBear has left an indelible mark on the snowboarding industry.


Vertical Addiction remains a pivotal snowboarding film that continues to inspire and captivate audiences with its raw energy and breathtaking visuals. The film’s legacy is evident in the ever-evolving snowboarding community, as well as in the continued influence of BrokeAssBear’s innovative approach to filmmaking. As the snowboarding world eagerly anticipates future snowboard films, the impact and significance of Vertical Addiction will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come.

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