In the video “TRAVIS RICE || ACCOUTREMENT” by Quiksilver, Travis Rice reflects on his experiences hosting and competing on the Natural Selection Tour. He discusses the demanding nature of the tour, with long hours and adventurous snowboarding in inclement weather. Rice emphasizes the importance of having high-quality gear to truly enjoy the mountainous tempest. The video showcases a collection of sessions from last season, with a special thanks to the individuals who contributed to its creation, such as Nick Koldenhoven for editing and Pulseline Adventures for logistic support and ensuring their safety. The team also praises the incredible terrain and approach of Gave Monroe and his crew.

The video features outstanding cinematography by Sean Aaron, Justin Eels, and Gabriel Kocher, who elevates the aerial shots. With its captivating footage and insights into Rice’s world, “TRAVIS RICE || ACCOUTREMENT” is a must-watch for anyone interested in the Natural Selection Tour and the dedication required to excel in extreme snowboarding.




Travis Rice, a professional snowboarder, had an incredible experience hosting and competing on the Natural Selection Tour. This tour demands a lot from its participants, including long hours working and adventure boarding in the mountains throughout the year. Rice faced a myriad of challenges, including inclement weather, but having the right gear was vital to his success and enjoyment. This article explores the importance of gear, Rice’s recommendations for inclement weather gear, and showcases his collection of sessions known as Accoutremount. Additionally, Rice expresses his gratitude to the team and acknowledges the contributions of the cinematographers involved in creating this captivating video.

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The Natural Selection Tour

The Natural Selection Tour is an esteemed snowboarding event that attracts top athletes from around the world. Rice was not only a participant but also played a significant role in the organization and execution of the tour. As one of the most renowned freestyle snowboarders, Rice brought his expertise and creativity to the design of the competition courses. The tour poses its own set of demands and challenges, including scouting the perfect locations, considering snow conditions, and ensuring the safety of participants. Rice’s involvement added a unique perspective and further elevated the tour’s reputation in the snowboarding community.

The Importance of Gear

Proper gear is crucial for any sport, but in a physically demanding and unpredictable environment like snowboarding, it becomes even more vital. Having the right gear can significantly impact a rider’s performance and safety. Rice understands this importance all too well and prioritizes his gear selection meticulously. From the quality of his snowboard to the durability of his outerwear, Rice ensures that everything he uses is up to the task. In this section, we delve into Rice’s perspective on gear and the role it played in his success on the Natural Selection Tour.

Gear for Inclement Weather

Inclement weather is commonplace in the mountains, and Rice encountered it frequently during his time on the Natural Selection Tour. Snowstorms, wind, and extreme cold can all pose challenges for snowboarders, but with the right gear, they can be overcome. Rice shares his recommendations for gear specifically designed to handle these harsh conditions. From waterproof and insulated outerwear to specialized goggles and gloves, Rice’s insights provide valuable information for anyone seeking to conquer the elements on the slopes.

Accoutremount – A Collection of Sessions

Accoutremount is a compilation of sessions captured during Rice’s adventures on the Natural Selection Tour. It gives viewers a unique glimpse into the challenges, triumphs, and sheer beauty of snowboarding in some of the most breathtaking locations. Rice’s skills, creativity, and passion are showcased in this collection, highlighting both his talent and dedication to the sport. Whether through heart-stopping jumps or mesmerizing powder turns, Accoutremount encapsulates the spirit of snowboarding and the exhilaration of being in the mountains.

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Thank You to the Team

Travis Rice recognizes the team effort required to execute a successful tour and express gratitude to those who played a crucial role. Nick Koldenhoven’s contribution as the editor of Accoutremount is acknowledged, as his expertise in crafting a coherent visual narrative elevated the video. Pulseline Adventures, based in Valdez, Alaska, provided the logistical support and ensured the safety of the team during the tour. Rice specifically mentions Gabe Monroe and the entire team for their incredible terrain and approach, acknowledging their contribution to the success of the tour.

Cinematography by Sean Aaron and Justin Eels

The visual appeal of Accoutremount owes much to the talented cinematographers, Sean Aaron and Justin Eels. Rice collaborated closely with them to capture the essence of his snowboarding experience, translating it into breathtaking footage for viewers. Aaron and Eels’ expertise behind the camera lens and their ability to capture the intensity and beauty of the sport added depth and dimension to Accoutremount.

Aerial Cinematography by Gabriel Kocher and Tom Miller

Aerial footage can provide a unique perspective and give viewers a sense of the magnitude of the snow-covered landscapes. Gabriel Kocher and Tom Miller excelled in aerial cinematography, capturing stunning shots that showcased Rice’s skills against the backdrop of majestic mountains. Their expertise in navigating drones and capturing smooth, sweeping shots elevated the visual storytelling of Accoutremount.

Editor: Nick Koldenhoven

With hours of footage captured across various locations, it fell to Nick Koldenhoven to piece together the moments that would create a compelling narrative in Accoutremount. Koldenhoven’s skills as an editor allowed him to curate the footage effectively, maintaining the flow and pacing of the video. His ability to capture the essence of Rice’s experience while maintaining visual engagement is a testament to his talent as an editor.


Travis Rice’s experience on the Natural Selection Tour, showcased in Accoutremount, encapsulates the excitement, challenges, and beauty of snowboarding in unique and awe-inspiring locations. The importance of gear in ensuring success and safety cannot be overstated, and Rice’s recommendations provide valuable insights. The collaboration and contributions of the team, including the cinematographers and editor, added depth and visual appeal to the video. Rice’s gratitude for their efforts emphasizes the collective effort required to bring his vision to life. As he reflects on his experience and shares his appreciation, the implications for future adventures become apparent, inspiring others to push their boundaries and explore the thrill of the mountains.


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