Periscoping – Snowboarding Movie

Periscoping – Snowboarding Movie

Meet Periscoping – Snowboarding Movie, the latest thrilling creation by Snowboard XTreme. In this epic snowboarding adventure, a group of snowboarders from Holland, a country known for its flat terrain, embark on a mission to explore new mountains and broaden their horizons. With the goal of creating a production that transcends the Dutch stereotype, they ventured to Lithuania, Finland, Poland, and even filmed a few weeks in their home country. Their efforts paid off when they won Best Am movie at The Reels film festival, solidifying their place in the snowboarding film industry. The movie features an array of talented snowboarders, including Cees Wille, Gerben Verweij, and Will Smith (not the actor!). Follow Postland Theory on YouTube and Facebook to catch all the action. Presented by Monster Energy and with the support of numerous sponsors, including Bataleon and GoPro, this movie guarantees to be an adrenaline-fueled spectacle that will leave snowboarding enthusiasts in awe. Get ready to witness the exhilarating world of snowboarding in Periscoping.

Periscoping - Snowboarding Movie


The snowboarding movie “Periscoping” is the third film by Snowboard XTreme, and it follows a group of snowboarders from Holland. Despite the flat terrain of their home country, these snowboarders set out on a journey to explore new countries with higher elevations and create a production that goes beyond the typical Dutch style. Their efforts paid off when they won the Best Am movie award at The Reels film festival. The film features a diverse group of snowboarders, including Cees Wille, Gerben Verweij, Joey Van Essen, Will Smith, Kas Lemmens, Luc Büthker, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Wessel Van Lierop, David Struber, Steef Van Der Meer, Rachida Aoulad, Max De Vries, Henri Habib, Eirik Nesse, Bob Van Unnik, and many more.

Movie Description

The concept behind “Periscoping” is to showcase the passion and talent of Dutch snowboarders as they break away from their flat surroundings and explore new countries with impressive mountain ranges. The movie captures their journey and experiences as they push themselves to new limits and overcome challenges in different environments. By exploring new locations, the snowboarders hope to bring a fresh perspective to the snowboarding scene and create a film that stands out from the typical Dutch productions.



“Periscoping” takes the audience to various locations in Lithuania, Finland, Poland, and even a few weeks of filming in Holland. Each location offers unique landscapes and challenges for the snowboarders, allowing them to showcase their skills in different settings. From powdery slopes to urban snowboarding, the movie captures the diversity of snowboarding experiences in these countries. The inclusion of Holland as a filming location adds a personal touch and highlights the determination of the snowboarders to make the most of their surroundings.


The hard work and dedication put into “Periscoping” paid off when the movie won the Best Am movie award at The Reels film festival. This recognition is a testament to the skill and creativity of the snowboarders and the production team behind the film. It validates their efforts to create a movie that goes beyond the boundaries of a typical Dutch production and showcases their talent on an international level.

Featured Snowboarders

“Periscoping” features a talented group of snowboarders, including Cees Wille, Gerben Verweij, Joey Van Essen, Will Smith, Kas Lemmens, Luc Büthker, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Wessel Van Lierop, David Struber, Steef Van Der Meer, Rachida Aoulad, Max De Vries, Henri Habib, Eirik Nesse, Bob Van Unnik, and more. Each snowboarder brings their unique style and skills to the movie, making it a diverse and exciting watch. From technical tricks to stylish riding, the featured snowboarders showcase the creativity and talent within the Dutch snowboarding scene.


“Periscoping” is a production by Postland Theory, a creative collective dedicated to snowboarding films. The team put their heart and soul into creating a visually stunning and captivating movie that pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved in snowboarding cinematography. The production process involved extensive planning, scouting locations, and capturing the snowboarders’ performances in challenging conditions.

Postland Theory

Postland Theory is known for their innovative and creative approach to snowboarding movies. They strive to create films that capture the essence and excitement of snowboarding while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the genre. Their previous movies have garnered acclaim and recognition for their unique style and storytelling. With “Periscoping,” they continue to push the limits and showcase the talent within the snowboarding community.

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The production of “Periscoping” was made possible thanks to the support of various sponsors. Monster Energy played a significant role as the presenting sponsor, providing the necessary resources and backing to bring the movie to fruition. Other sponsors, including Bataleon, BigAirBag, Holden, GoPro, GVconstructions, The Los Angeles River, Sabre, Switchback, Vans, Onboard, Method, and theMustachio, also contributed to the production. Their support allowed the filmmakers and snowboarders to focus on creating an exceptional movie without compromising on quality.

Thank Yous

The success of “Periscoping” would not have been possible without the collective effort and support of many individuals and organizations. The film crew extends their thanks to everyone who played a part in bringing the movie to life, including the snowboarders, sponsors, and the fans who have shown their support throughout the journey. Their support and encouragement have been instrumental in making “Periscoping” a reality.


“Periscoping” is more than just a snowboarding movie. It is an exploration of new possibilities, both in terms of the physical locations visited and the creative approach to snowboarding filmmaking. The film showcases the grit, determination, and talent of Dutch snowboarders who refuse to let their flat homeland limit their ambition. With stunning visuals, impressive tricks, and a diverse cast of snowboarders, “Periscoping” is a must-watch for any snowboarding enthusiast. It serves as a reminder of the beauty of snowboarding and the endless possibilities that await those who are willing to step outside their comfort zone.

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