Southern Alchemy – Ski / Snowboard Documentary

Southern Alchemy – Ski / Snowboard Documentary

The Southern Alchemy – Ski/Snowboard Documentary, created by SnowboardProCamp, is a thrilling exploration into the world of winter sports. The video takes viewers on a journey through the mountains of Utah and North Carolina, showcasing the unique and exhilarating experiences that can be found in these regions. The narrator, a passionate snowboarder, reflects on their time spent in Utah, praising the incredible mountains and the amazing people. However, upon returning home to North Carolina, they are reminded of the incomparable beauty and originality of the local mountains. The documentary captures the first snowfall of the season, coinciding with the narrator’s birthday, as they venture to Cataloochee and face unexpected challenges. Despite the lack of snow in the region, the ability to ride and pursue their passion right in their backyard proves to be an extraordinary experience. The video is a testament to the dedication, resilience, and appreciation for the mountains and the freedom they bring.

Southern Alchemy - Ski / Snowboard Documentary

Southern Alchemy – Ski / Snowboard Documentary

Southern Alchemy is a ski and snowboard documentary that explores the unique and original mountains of the Southern region, specifically comparing them to the well-known Utah mountains. The documentary follows a group of riders as they experience their first snow in the Southern mountains and navigate the challenges that come with riding in North Carolina. Despite the limited snowfall and pressure to make things happen, these riders are grateful for the opportunity to ride and find joy in the mountains that are close to their homes.


The documentary Southern Alchemy dives into the world of skiing and snowboarding in the Southern region of the United States. It aims to showcase the uniqueness and originality of the mountains in this area, while also highlighting the challenges that riders face due to limited snowfall. The film follows a group of passionate riders as they navigate the Southern mountains, comparing their experiences to the well-known mountains of Utah.

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Utah Mountains vs. Southern Mountains

The comparison between Utah mountains and Southern mountains sets the stage for the documentary. The narrator, reflecting on their time living in Utah, acknowledges the incredible nature and people of the Utah mountains. However, they also express their love for the Southern mountains and emphasize their uniqueness and originality. This comparison creates a sense of anticipation for what is to come in the rest of the documentary.

Unique and Original Mountains

The Southern mountains are described as unique and original, capturing the attention and admiration of riders. The first snowfall of the season is seen as a special moment, symbolized by the narrator’s birthday, which falls on Thanksgiving. The riders excitedly head to Cataloochee to embrace the new snow, despite the challenges they face with the snow guns and ice. The fact that it occasionally snows in the Southern region and provides the riders with the ability to ride in their own backyard creates a sense of gratitude and awe.

First Snow Experience

The first snow experience for the riders in the Southern mountains is described as both exciting and challenging. The narrator recalls how they initially struggled with the snow guns and ice at Cataloochee, but eventually decided to hike up the mountains to find better conditions. This perseverance and determination to make the most out of the snow highlights the passion and love that these riders have for their sport. It also emphasizes the unique experience of riding in the Southern mountains and the adaptability required to enjoy it fully.

Opportunity to Ride in Southern Mountains

The opportunity to ride in the Southern mountains is celebrated by the riders. They express their gratitude for the ability to ride and shred in their own backyard, which brings them joy and fulfillment. The proximity of the mountains to their homes allows them to pursue their passion and live life to the fullest. This opportunity is seen as a privilege, and the riders embrace it with enthusiasm and appreciation.

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Challenges of Riding in North Carolina

Riding in North Carolina comes with its fair share of challenges. The lack of consistent snowfall presents difficulties for riders who rely on natural snow to enjoy their sport. The pressure to make things happen when the snow does fall adds an additional layer of stress and responsibility. The riders in the documentary recall years spent dreaming about hitting rails and finally getting the opportunity to do so when the snow arrived. The challenges they face in finding the right spots and dealing with law enforcement highlight the determination and resourcefulness required to pursue their passion.

Limited Snowfall in North Carolina

The limited snowfall in North Carolina is acknowledged as a factor that sets it apart from other popular skiing and snowboarding destinations. The documentary mentions the Winter storm warning issued by the National Weather Service, predicting heavy snowfall in certain parts of North Carolina. Getting substantial snowfall is a rare occurrence, and the riders in the documentary had to wait years for the opportunity to hit the rails they had been eyeing for so long. The scarcity of snow makes each snowfall a cherished event and adds to the excitement and eagerness of the riders.

Pressure to Make Things Happen

The pressure to make things happen when the snow finally arrives is a constant presence for the riders in Southern Alchemy. The documentary portrays how the riders feel the weight of expectation to take advantage of the snow to its fullest extent. The stress and strategic planning that go into deciding where to ride, dealing with law enforcement, and making the most of the limited snow create a sense of urgency and intensity. Despite the pressure, the riders maintain their passion and determination, pushing through the challenges to achieve their goals.


In conclusion, Southern Alchemy is a ski and snowboard documentary that showcases the unique and original mountains of the Southern region. It compares these mountains to the well-known mountains of Utah and highlights the challenges faced by riders due to limited snowfall in North Carolina. The documentary emphasizes the opportunity to ride and shred in the Southern mountains, despite the obstacles faced. Ultimately, the riders are grateful for the chance to pursue their passion close to home and find joy in the Southern alchemy of skiing and snowboarding.

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