Burton – Board with the World 1990 (Craig Kelly)

Burton – Board with the World 1990 (Craig Kelly)

In this video titled “Burton – Board with the World 1990 (Craig Kelly),” brought to you by Snowboard 111, viewers are taken on an exciting journey into the world of snowboarding. The video focuses on the renowned snowboarder Craig Kelly, who was a true pioneer in the sport during the 1990s. From breathtaking jumps to impressive tricks, viewers will witness Kelly’s incredible talent and passion for snowboarding. Additionally, this video provides a glimpse into the flourishing snowboarding culture of the 90s, showcasing the innovations and camaraderie that defined the era. Snowboard enthusiasts and newcomers alike will find themselves captivated by the exhilarating footage and the inspiring story of Craig Kelly.

1. Early Life and Introduction to Snowboarding

1.1 Childhood and Background

Craig Kelly, a legendary figure in the world of snowboarding, was born on May 1, 1966, in Mount Vernon, Washington. From a young age, Kelly developed a deep connection with nature and a love for outdoor activities. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, he was surrounded by breathtaking mountains and snowy landscapes that would eventually shape his destiny.

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1.2 First Encounters with Snowboarding

It was during his teenage years that Craig Kelly had his first encounter with snowboarding. In the early 1980s, the sport was still in its infancy, and most ski resorts didn’t even allow snowboarders on their slopes. Undeterred, Kelly pursued his passion for snowboarding on his own terms, seeking out remote backcountry areas where he could practice and refine his skills.

2. Rise to Prominence in the Snowboarding Industry

2.1 Joining Burton Snowboards

In 1986, Craig Kelly caught the attention of Jake Burton, the founder of Burton Snowboards, during a snowboarding competition. Impressed by Kelly’s natural talent and unique style, Burton offered him a sponsorship deal, which marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership that would revolutionize the snowboarding industry.

2.2 Competing in Professional Circuits

As Craig Kelly’s skills and reputation grew, he began competing in professional snowboarding circuits. Known for his smooth and fluid riding style, as well as his technical prowess, he quickly established himself as one of the top competitors in the sport. Kelly’s innovative approach to riding, combined with his exceptional talent, earned him numerous titles and accolades, solidifying his status as a true icon in the snowboarding world.

3. Advocacy for Environmental Sustainability

3.1 Early Environmental Awareness

Kelly’s love for the outdoors and his intimate connection with the natural world instilled in him a deep sense of responsibility to protect the environment. Throughout his career, he used his platform as a professional snowboarder to raise awareness about environmental issues and advocate for sustainability.

3.2 Collaboration with Burton to Promote Sustainability

In collaboration with Burton Snowboards, Craig Kelly played a pivotal role in integrating sustainability into the company’s practices. He worked closely with Burton to develop eco-friendly materials, reduce waste in manufacturing processes, and support initiatives that aimed to minimize the carbon footprint of snowboarding. Their joint efforts not only set new standards for environmental responsibility within the industry but also inspired other companies to follow suit.

4. Innovation and Design Contributions to Snowboarding

4.1 Craig Kelly’s Impact on Snowboard Design

One of Craig Kelly’s most significant contributions to snowboarding was his impact on snowboard design. He played a crucial role in revolutionizing the shape and construction of snowboards, experimenting with different lengths, widths, and curvature to enhance performance and versatility. Kelly’s innovative designs, such as the swallowtail and the asymmetrical sidecut, reshaped the industry and paved the way for modern snowboard technology.


Burton - Board with the World 1990 (Craig Kelly)

4.2 Pioneering Freeride and Backcountry Snowboarding

Kelly’s adventurous spirit led him to explore uncharted territories of snowboarding. He was one of the pioneers of freeride and backcountry snowboarding, venturing into untouched powder fields and steep mountain slopes that were previously considered inaccessible. Kelly’s daring exploits not only pushed the boundaries of the sport but also inspired a new generation of snowboarders to seek untamed adventures in the mountains.

5. Legacy and Influence on Future Generations

5.1 Craig Kelly’s Enduring Influence

Even after his untimely death in an avalanche in 2003, Craig Kelly’s influence continues to resonate profoundly within the snowboarding community. His innovative approach to snowboarding, advocacy for environmental sustainability, and commitment to pushing boundaries have left an indelible mark on the sport. Kelly’s legacy serves as a constant reminder to future generations of snowboarders to stay true to themselves, embrace innovation, and prioritize the protection of the environment.

5.2 Inspiring a New Generation of Snowboarders

Craig Kelly’s life and achievements have inspired countless aspiring snowboarders around the world. His humility, passion, and dedication to excellence serve as an inspiration for young riders to follow their dreams, despite the challenges they may face. Kelly’s impact on the next generation of snowboarders goes beyond his technical skills; he instilled in them the values of perseverance, innovation, and environmental stewardship.

6. Tragic Loss and Commemoration of Craig Kelly

6.1 Death and Its Impact on the Snowboarding Community

The snowboarding community was devastated by the tragic loss of Craig Kelly on January 20, 2003. His sudden passing sent shockwaves through the industry, leaving a profound void that would be difficult to fill. Fellow riders, fans, and friends mourned the loss of not only a legendary athlete but also a kind-hearted individual who had touched many lives.

6.2 Remembering and Honoring Craig Kelly

In the wake of Craig Kelly’s passing, the snowboarding community came together to honor his memory and celebrate his contributions to the sport. Memorials, gatherings, and events were organized worldwide, with riders paying tribute to Kelly’s legacy through their own riding and personal expressions of gratitude. The Craig Kelly Foundation was established to support aspiring athletes and continue his advocacy for environmental sustainability, ensuring that his impact would endure for years to come.

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7. Burton – Board with the World 1990 Video

7.1 Overview of the Video

“Burton – Board with the World 1990” is a snowboarding video released by Burton Snowboards in 1990. The film showcases the talents of the Burton team riders, capturing their riding skills and the beauty of the mountain landscapes they explore. The video offers viewers a glimpse into the world of snowboarding during a pivotal era in the sport’s history.

7.2 Craig Kelly’s Role and Performance in the Video

Craig Kelly played a prominent role in “Burton – Board with the World 1990” video, showcasing his exceptional riding skills and innovative style. His segment featured breathtaking footage of him carving through pristine powder and effortlessly executing complex tricks. Kelly’s performance in the video further solidified his reputation as one of the most influential snowboarders of his time.

8. Historical Significance of Burton – Board with the World 1990

8.1 Documenting a Crucial Era in Snowboarding

“Burton – Board with the World 1990” holds great historical significance within the snowboarding community. The video captured a pivotal era in the sport’s development, showcasing the progression of snowboarding as it transitioned from a niche activity to a mainstream phenomenon. It serves as a valuable historical document that provides a glimpse into the early days of snowboarding and the individuals who helped shape its future.

8.2 Influence on Snowboarding Media

The release of “Burton – Board with the World 1990” had a profound impact on snowboarding media. It demonstrated the power of video as a medium to inspire and connect with riders, showcasing the thrilling possibilities of the sport. The video’s success paved the way for future snowboarding films, documentaries, and online content, contributing to the growth and popularity of snowboarding as a global sport.

9. Reception and Impact of Burton – Board with the World 1990

9.1 Initial Reception and Critical Acclaim

“Burton – Board with the World 1990” was met with critical acclaim upon its release. It captivated audiences with its stunning cinematography, captivating storytelling, and the awe-inspiring performances of the riders. The video helped to establish Burton Snowboards as a leader in the industry and solidify the reputation of its team riders, including the legendary Craig Kelly.

9.2 Lasting Impact on Snowboarding Culture

The impact of “Burton – Board with the World 1990” on snowboarding culture cannot be overstated. The video inspired and influenced a generation of snowboarders, igniting a passion for the sport and showcasing the vast possibilities it offered. It helped shape the image and perception of snowboarding, pushing it further into the mainstream and cementing its status as a globally recognized sport.

10. Conclusion

Craig Kelly’s remarkable journey from a passionate teenager exploring the backcountry to becoming a true icon in the world of snowboarding is a testament to his unwavering commitment, innovation, and love for the sport. His contributions to snowboarding, both on and off the slopes, continue to inspire and shape the future of the sport. Craig Kelly’s legacy serves as a reminder to all that sometimes, the true heroes are the ones who carve their own path and leave an indelible mark on the world.

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