Rome Snowboards Presents : Find Snowboarding : ALEUTIANS | TransWorld SNOWboarding

Rome Snowboards Presents : Find Snowboarding : ALEUTIANS | TransWorld SNOWboarding

In the video titled “Rome Snowboards Presents: Find Snowboarding: ALEUTIANS | TransWorld SNOWboarding”, the crew embarks on an extraordinary journey to the Aleutian islands in Alaska. Their motivation behind this trip was to explore a zone where snowboarding conditions exist but has not been fully explored. They navigate through the challenging weather patterns of the Aleutian ocean and encounter the small town of King Cove, where they become the first tourists to visit. Despite the unpredictable weather and the presence of brown bears, they persist in their search for untouched snowboarding terrain. They even embark on an epic journey using ATVs to reach the beach and experience the thrill of snowboarding in this breathtaking landscape.


In this article, we will explore the remote and uncharted territory of the Aleutian Islands, where a group of snowboarders embarked on a unique adventure. Motivated not only by their love for snowboarding but also by their desire to explore new landscapes, they sought out this untapped region. We will delve into their journey, from arriving in the small fishing town of King Cove to dealing with the unpredictable weather of the Aleutian Islands. We will also follow them as they navigate the local mountain, encounter wildlife and safety concerns, embark on an ATV adventure, and finally fulfill their dream of backcountry snowboarding. Through their experiences, we will witness the beauty of the landscape and understand the rewards that come from patience and persistence.


The Aleutian Islands, located off the coast of Alaska, are a remote and relatively unexplored region. These islands offer a unique opportunity for adventure enthusiasts, with their pristine mountains and untouched snowboarding terrain. The group of snowboarders featured in this article was drawn to this area not just for snowboarding but also for the chance to discover a landscape that had yet to be explored by many. Their trip to the Aleutians promised to be challenging, but the thrill of discovering something new and experiencing the beauty of the untamed wilderness motivated them to take on this adventure.

Trip Motivation

The Aleutians: An Uncharted Territory

The main motivation behind the group’s trip to the Aleutian Islands was the allure of an unexplored snowboarding zone. Unlike popular snowboarding destinations, such as Haines in Alaska, the Aleutians offered a pristine and untouched landscape. It was a chance for the group to be pioneers in this region, riding slopes that had never been touched by another snowboarder. The mystique of the unknown and the excitement of discovering something new fueled their motivation to venture out to the Aleutians.

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Exploring More Than Snowboarding

While snowboarding was a significant part of their motivation, the group’s trip to the Aleutians was also driven by their desire to explore beyond the slopes. They wanted to immerse themselves in an entirely different environment and discover what else the Aleutian Islands had to offer. From jumping into the freezing 41-degree water to exploring the small town of King Cove, they sought to experience the unique culture and rugged beauty of the region. This trip was about more than just snowboarding; it was about embracing the unknown and embracing the adventure that awaited them.

Rome Snowboards Presents : Find Snowboarding : ALEUTIANS | TransWorld SNOWboarding

Arriving at King Cove

A Small Fishing Town

King Cove, located at the furthest tip of the Alaskan Peninsula, was the group’s first stop in the Aleutian Islands. This small town, with a population of around 800 to 1,000 permanent residents, relies heavily on fishing for its economy. As the group arrived, they quickly realized that they were the first tourists to ever visit King Cove for fun. The locals were intrigued by their presence, and the group had the opportunity to interact with the residents, gaining insight into their way of life. King Cove offered a glimpse into the true Alaskan wilderness, with its rugged landscapes and close-knit community.

First Tourists of King Cove

Being the first tourists of King Cove was an exciting and unique experience for the group. They were met with curiosity and warm hospitality from the locals, who had never seen outsiders come to their town purely for recreational purposes. The group’s presence sparked conversations, and they quickly became a topic of conversation among the residents. Their arrival marked a new chapter in King Cove’s history, as its status as a tourist destination started to emerge. Being the first tourists of King Cove allowed them to establish a connection with the town and lay the foundation for future adventurers who might follow in their footsteps.

Unpredictable Weather in the Aleutians

Crazy Switch in Weather

One of the challenges the group faced during their time in the Aleutian Islands was the unpredictable weather. On any given day, the weather could change drastically from high winds and rain to clear skies. They would be stuck in their hotel rooms, waiting for the weather to improve, only to witness a sudden switch in conditions. This constant back and forth made planning their snowboarding adventures extremely challenging. They had to be patient and adaptable, ready to seize any opportunity to ride the slopes when the weather allowed.

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Waiting for Clear Days

Waiting for clear days became a common occurrence during the group’s stay in the Aleutians. They had their sights set on a local mountain outside of King Cove, but due to the ever-changing weather, they were only able to ride it on one sunny day out of the two weeks they spent there. This required a great deal of patience and persistence. They had to stay positive and motivated, despite the long periods of rain and clouds. Maintaining their sanity and finding other ways to be productive while waiting for clear days became crucial to their overall experience in the Aleutians.

Riding the Local Mountain

Challenges and Limited Opportunities

The local mountain outside of King Cove was the group’s primary focus for snowboarding. However, with the unpredictable weather, their opportunities to ride the slopes were limited. They had to make the most of the sunny days they were fortunate enough to have. The challenges they faced included planning their rides around the weather, dealing with changing snow conditions, and navigating difficult terrain. Despite these obstacles, the group remained determined to make the most of their time on the local mountain, cherishing the moments they could shred the slopes and pushing themselves to conquer the challenges that came their way.

Making the Most of Sunny Days

On the rare sunny days amidst the cloudy and rainy weather, the group made the most of every opportunity to ride the local mountain. These days were a reward for their patience and perseverance. The clear skies provided breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, and the pristine snow beckoned them to carve their way down the slopes. They cherished every moment spent on the mountain, pushing their limits and savoring the freedom and beauty that snowboarding in the Aleutians offered.

Wildlife and Safety Concerns

Bear Country

One of the significant safety concerns the group faced during their time in the Aleutian Islands was the presence of brown bears. The region was home to some of the largest brown bears in the world, making encounters with these majestic creatures a real possibility. The group understood the potential dangers and took necessary precautions to ensure their safety. They wore bear bells and carried bear spray as protection against potential bear encounters. The presence of bears added an element of excitement and heightened their awareness of the true wilderness surrounding them.

Necessary Precautions

While the group was fortunate not to encounter any bears during their trip, they understood the importance of taking necessary precautions. They respected the fact that they were guests in the bears’ territory and made sure to follow proper procedures, such as storing food securely and making noise to alert bears of their presence. It was a reminder of the potential risks and the need to be cautious and respectful of the wildlife inhabiting the Aleutian Islands. Despite the risks, the group embraced the opportunity to experience nature in its rawest form.

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ATV Adventure to the Beach

Epic Journey Through Wet Terrain

Wanting to explore the region beyond the snowboarding slopes, the group embarked on an ATV adventure to the beach. With the help of some locals, they managed to gather three ATVs and set off from the end of a road near the airport. Their goal was to reach the beach, around three miles away, and ride along its expanse. However, the journey took an unexpected turn as they found themselves navigating wet and muddy terrain, getting stuck multiple times and experiencing various challenges along the way. Despite the difficulties, they pressed on, determined to reach their destination.

Finding Shelter in a Trapper’s Cabin

Amidst the challenges of the ATV adventure, the group stumbled upon a trapper’s cabin located along the side of the beach. This unexpected discovery provided them with shelter for the night, offering a respite from the difficult journey. The cabin provided a cozy and comfortable haven, allowing them to rest and recharge for the next day’s adventures. It became a memorable part of their trip, reminding them of the unexpected rewards that come with exploration and the kindness of strangers who had left the cabin for anyone in need.

Backcountry Snowboarding

Finally Able to Shred

Despite the unpredictable weather and the challenges they faced along the way, the group’s perseverance paid off when they were finally able to engage in backcountry snowboarding. The clear bluebird day they had been waiting for arrived, allowing them to fully embrace the beauty and thrill of the snow-covered landscapes. They shredded their way down the mountain, experiencing the adrenaline rush that comes with conquering untouched slopes. The feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment made all the waiting and the difficulties they encountered worth it.

Challenges with Varying Weather Conditions

While they had one perfect day for backcountry snowboarding, the group had to navigate varying weather conditions throughout their trip. This meant dealing with changing snow conditions, challenging terrain, and adapting to the ever-changing environment. It required constant adjustments and flexibility to make the most of the opportunities they had. Despite the challenges, the group found gratification in their ability to overcome obstacles and adapt to the ever-changing nature of the Aleutians.


The journey to the Aleutian Islands presented the group of snowboarders with a unique and challenging adventure. Motivated by their love for snowboarding and their desire to explore uncharted territory, they ventured into this remote region. They experienced the unpredictable weather, the rugged landscapes, and the presence of bears, but they remained persistent and patient. Through their journey, they discovered the breathtaking beauty of the Aleutians, forged connections with the locals, and captured the rewards of their persistence and passion. This trip was not just about snowboarding; it was about embracing the unknown, pushing boundaries, and immersing themselves in the untouched wilderness. The Aleutian Islands offered them a glimpse into a landscape that few have witnessed, leaving them with memories that will last a lifetime.

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