5 Tips for Toe Turns – Beginner Snowboarding

5 Tips for Toe Turns – Beginner Snowboarding

In the video “5 Tips for Toe Turns – Beginner Snowboarding” by SnowboardProCamp, the instructor provides five helpful tips for mastering the challenging toe turn on a snowboard. The toe turn is often the most difficult skill for beginner snowboarders to learn, so the instructor addresses this common issue by sharing techniques that have proven effective in his teaching experience. The first tip is to use the front hand to reach forward, shifting the weight forward and enabling a smoother turn. The second tip highlights the importance of looking to the top of the mountain when transitioning from the heel side to the toe side, ensuring a complete and fluid turn. Additionally, the video emphasizes the significance of committing to the turn, using the backhand to steer onto the toes, and practicing toe sliding for improved balance and confidence. With these helpful tips, beginner snowboarders can gain the skills and techniques necessary for successful toe turns on the slopes.

Tip 1: Reach Forward with Your Front Hand

Learning how to turn from your heels to your toes can be one of the most challenging things for beginner snowboarders. It requires proper technique and a bit of courage to make that transition. But fear not, because SnowboardProCamp has got you covered with five tips that will help you master toe turns on your snowboard. The first tip is to reach forward with your front hand. By doing this, you shift your weight forward, which allows the turn to come around faster. When you’re starting to go for a new turn, it’s natural to feel a bit intimidated and lean back. However, leaning back makes turning difficult, so by reaching down towards the snow with your front hand, you ensure a smooth and successful toe turn.

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Tip 2: Look to the Top of the Mountain

The second tip for mastering toe turns is to use your head and look to the top of the mountain. When you’re on your heels, you’re naturally inclined to look downhill, where you can see everything coming towards you. However, it’s crucial to avoid doing the same thing on your toe turn. Looking downhill on your toe turn actually prevents the turn from coming around smoothly. To facilitate a complete turn, you need to look all the way to the top of the slope. By turning your head, shoulders, chest, hips, and snowboard in alignment with your gaze, you allow your whole body to flow smoothly through the turn. So remember, when making a toe turn, don’t forget to look up to the top of the mountain.

5 Tips for Toe Turns - Beginner Snowboarding

Tip 3: Pressure Your Toes

Committing to a new turn requires a transition from being on your heels to letting your snowboard go straight and then getting onto that new edge. To make this transition successful, the third tip is to pressure your toes. After allowing your snowboard to go straight for a brief moment, apply pressure to your toes. This pressure enables your snowboard to get on that new edge, allowing the toe turn to come around smoothly. By momentarily committing to letting your snowboard go straight and then actively pressing down on your toes, you’ll be able to execute a seamless toe turn.

Tip 4: Use Your Backhand

Your backhand can be a valuable tool in helping you steer your snowboard around onto your toes. It’s common to feel tempted to keep your shoulders facing the bottom of the hill because it gives you a clear view of everything around you. However, pulling your backhand back forces your entire body to commit to the turn. By doing so, you’re able to steer your snowboard onto your toes and maintain control of your speed on that new edge. So don’t forget to utilize the power of your backhand when executing a toe turn.

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Tip 5: Practice Toe Sliding

Last but not least, the most important tip is to practice toe sliding. While sliding on your heels may feel more fun because you can see everything below you, practicing toe sliding is essential for building confidence, improving balance, and enhancing your ability to stop yourself effectively. Dedicate some time to sliding back and forth on your toes. Start with a run or two, or challenge yourself to commit to half a run solely on your toes. The more you practice toe sliding, the more confident you’ll become in executing toe turns. If you’re struggling with toe turns, don’t hesitate to ask a friend to hold your hands while practicing toe sliding. This support can help you feel more comfortable and build up your confidence.


Mastering toe turns on a snowboard can be challenging, but with these five tips from SnowboardProCamp, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pro. Remember to reach forward with your front hand, look to the top of the mountain, pressure your toes, use your backhand, and practice toe sliding. These techniques have proven effective in teaching beginners how to perform toe turns successfully. So embrace the challenge, put these tips into practice, and soon you’ll be confidently cruising down the slopes, smoothly transitioning from your heels to your toes. Stay safe and enjoy the exhilarating experience of snowboarding!

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