5 Common Beginner Snowboard Mistakes & Fixes

5 Common Beginner Snowboard Mistakes & Fixes

In the video titled “5 Common Beginner Snowboard Mistakes & Fixes” by SnowboardProCamp, the narrator, Kevin, shares five common mistakes that he often sees beginners make while learning to snowboard. These mistakes include leaning too far back on the back foot, turning too quickly, falling over on toeside turns, having too much speed on heelside turns, and falling off the chairlift. He provides helpful tips and fixes for each mistake, such as redistributing weight equally on both feet, making larger turns, keeping the body aligned with the snowboard, and practicing riding with one foot strapped in. Kevin suggests that by following these tips, beginners can avoid these common mistakes and progress more quickly in their snowboarding skills.

In this conversational tone, Kevin aims to connect with his audience to help them achieve a better understanding of these common mistakes and provide practical solutions to overcome them. Through his friendly and relatable approach, he offers valuable advice to beginners, ultimately assisting them in becoming more confident and proficient in their snowboarding abilities. Snowboarding is an exhilarating sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. However, like any new activity, beginners are prone to making certain mistakes that can hinder their progress and enjoyment on the slopes. In this article, we will discuss five common beginner snowboard mistakes and provide some helpful fixes to overcome them.

Mistake 1: Leaning too far on the back foot

One of the most common mistakes beginner snowboarders make is leaning too far onto their back foot while attempting to turn. This causes the weight distribution to be imbalanced, making it almost impossible to complete turns smoothly. As a result, they end up sliding around on their tails and often fall over.

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To fix this issue, beginners should focus on achieving equal weight distribution between their front and back foot. To shift more weight onto the front foot, they can reach their front hand above the nose of the snowboard. This forward movement helps to balance the weight and allows for easier turns. Additionally, maintaining a straight back and keeping the knees bent will further improve stability and control.

Mistake 2: Turning too quickly

Another mistake beginners frequently make is turning too quickly, causing their bodies to become twisted and off balance. This often results in catching an edge and falling over. To avoid this, it is essential to increase the size of the turns.

By starting the turn with controlled speed, allowing the board to go straight and flat down the run for a brief moment, and then gradually transitioning to the new edge, beginners can make smoother and more controlled turns. Moving the upper body slow and steady, with the shoulders lined up with the snowboard, and keeping the hands over the nose/tail of the snowboard will further help maintain stability and balance throughout the turns.

5 Common Beginner Snowboard Mistakes  Fixes

Mistake 3: Falling over on toeside turns

Falling over on toeside turns is a common mistake beginners make when they lean their upper body too far over the toe edge at the start of the turn. This can result in catching the toe edge, causing a fall and potentially leading to injuries.

To prevent this, beginners should focus on keeping their weight centered over the snowboard. Initiating the turn by applying pressure to the front foot helps maintain balance and control. Additionally, keeping the back straight and looking up to the top of the mountain while executing the toeside turn will further improve stability and prevent falls.

Mistake 4: Too much speed on heelside turns

Having too much speed on heelside turns is another mistake beginners often encounter. In response to the increased speed, the natural reaction is to lean up the hill and straighten the legs. This leads to a phenomenon called “chatter,” where the heel edge skips or bounces off the snow.

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To rectify this issue, beginners should focus on keeping their knees bent and ready to absorb any bumps in the snow. Adopting a seated position with the buttocks sticking out, while ensuring that the arms and shoulders are aligned with the snowboard, will provide better stability and control throughout the heelside turns.

Mistake 5: Falling off the chairlift

Lastly, falling off the chairlift is a common mistake beginners encounter when they first start riding. To avoid this, it is recommended to practice riding with only the front foot strapped in and the back foot sitting just in front of the back binding. Finding a gentle slope that gradually flattens out at the end will allow beginners to naturally come to a stop even if they don’t turn.

Apart from this, spending 20-30 minutes each day practicing runs at the start, especially on the chairlift, will significantly improve confidence and overall riding skills. It is also essential to check for a stomp pad on the snowboard, especially on rental boards, as it provides better grip and prevents slipping off the chairlift.

In conclusion, by understanding and addressing these common beginner snowboard mistakes, newcomers to the sport can enhance their learning experience and progress at a faster rate. It is crucial to practice and focus on maintaining proper weight distribution, controlling speed, and adopting correct body positioning. With time, patience, and dedication, individuals can become confident and skilled snowboarders, ultimately enjoying the thrill and excitement of this fantastic winter sport.

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