5 Tactics for Steep Snowboard Turns (360° VIDEO)

5 Tactics for Steep Snowboard Turns (360° VIDEO)

In this informative article titled “5 Tactics for Steep Snowboard Turns (360° VIDEO),” the author, Kevin from SnowboardProCamp, shares five tactics to help snowboarders successfully navigate steep terrain. The author begins by emphasizing the importance of practicing sliding on both the heel and toe edge to build confidence and control speed. The second tactic involves reaching the front hand down towards the snowboard, enabling the board to move straight downhill and facilitating smooth turns. Steering the board with the entire body, particularly by using the knees, hips, core, and shoulders, is highlighted as the third tactic, which allows for quicker turns. The fourth tactic advises keeping the back hand over the tail of the snowboard, especially during toe turns, to ensure smooth sliding. The author concludes by suggesting counting to two as a way to time turns, with 2 seconds to control speed, 2 seconds to go straight, and 2 seconds to control speed on the new snowboard edge. Overall, this engaging article provides valuable insights and practical tips for those looking to improve their snowboarding skills on steep runs.

Tactic 1: Practice Sliding on Heel and Toe Edge

To successfully navigate steep runs on a snowboard, it is essential to build confidence in controlling your speed. One effective tactic is to practice sliding on your heel and toe edge. By sliding along these edges, you can gain a better understanding of how your board responds to different angles and pressures.

To practice sliding on your heel edge, start by facing downhill with your weight evenly distributed on both feet. Gradually shift your weight to your heels, allowing your board’s edge to dig into the snow. As you slide, maintain control of your speed and balance. Repeat this process multiple times to become comfortable and to develop muscle memory.

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Similarly, you can practice sliding on your toe edge by shifting your weight to your toes and allowing the edge of your board to bite into the snow. By practicing sliding on both edges, you build the necessary skills to control your speed and commit to each turn confidently. This tactic will set you up for success as you progress to steeper runs.

Tactic 2: Reach Front Hand Toward Snowboard

Another effective tactic for successful snowboarding on steep runs is to reach your front hand toward your snowboard. This movement serves multiple purposes in enhancing your control and maneuverability. When you reach your front hand down, it encourages your board to move straight down the hill. This straight line movement allows the back of the board to slide around smoothly, enabling better turns.

In addition to facilitating straight movement, reaching your front hand down also shifts the weight off your back foot. This redistribution of weight ensures a smoother and more controlled turn. By keeping your weight focused on the front of the board, you can navigate turns with greater ease and precision. Remember to practice this tactic while sliding down slopes and gradually incorporate it into your turns.

5 Tactics for Steep Snowboard Turns (360° VIDEO)

Tactic 3: Turn Board with Whole Body

To maximize your performance on steep runs, it is important to utilize your entire body when turning your snowboard. Steering with your knees, hips, core, and shoulders will result in a faster and more efficient turn.

Start by engaging your knees and using them as the initiators of the turn. By shifting your weight from one knee to the other, you can guide your board into the desired direction. As you progress through the turn, involve your hips and core to amplify the rotation of your snowboard. Lastly, engage your shoulders to help complete the turn smoothly.

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By steering your board with your whole body, you can take advantage of the full range of motion and power available to you. Practice this tactic on gradual slopes and gradually increase the difficulty level as you become more comfortable and proficient.

Tactic 4: Keep Back Hand Over Tail of Snowboard

Maintaining the correct hand position is crucial for maintaining control and stability when executing turns on a snowboard. In particular, on the toe turn, it is important to keep your back hand over the tail of the snowboard.

By consciously keeping your back hand above the tail, you can enhance the smoothness of your turns. This positioning helps to guide the board around the turn, promoting fluid movement. It is especially important on the toe turn, as it facilitates the necessary weight distribution for a controlled and balanced descent.

Be mindful of your hand positioning during your rides and focus on keeping the back hand over the tail. This tactic, when combined with the other techniques, will result in more controlled and precise turns on steep slopes.

Tactic 5: Time Turns by Counting to Two

Timing your turns is essential for maintaining control and managing your speed on steep runs. Counting to two in your head can help you establish a rhythm and ensure your turns are executed in a controlled manner.

First, count to two as you control your speed by sliding on your edges. This allows you to moderate your speed and feel in control of your descent. Next, count to two to let your board go straight and flat for a brief period between turns. This momentary pause helps you gather yourself and prepare for the next turn. Finally, count to two as you turn and control your speed on your new snowboard edge. This final count allows you to complete the turn smoothly and set up for the next one.

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By counting to two, you create a mental framework that helps you maintain a consistent pace and technique. Practice this timing tactic on different slopes and gradually increase the difficulty level as you become more comfortable and confident.


Successfully navigating steep snowboard turns requires a combination of tactics and practice. By employing the five tactics outlined above—practicing sliding on heel and toe edge, reaching your front hand toward your snowboard, turning your board with your whole body, keeping your back hand over the tail of your snowboard, and timing your turns by counting to two—you can enhance your control, confidence, and overall performance on steep runs.

Remember, mastering these techniques takes time and practice. Start with gentle slopes and gradually progress to steeper terrain as you become more comfortable. With dedication, patience, and a willingness to challenge yourself, you can elevate your snowboarding skills and tackle even the most challenging runs. Enjoy the process, stay safe, and have fun exploring the exhilarating world of snowboarding!

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