5 Snowboard Warm Ups – On Mountain

5 Snowboard Warm Ups – On Mountain

In the video “5 Snowboard Warm Ups – On Mountain” by SnowboardProCamp, the focus is on five warm-up exercises that can be done on the mountain before hitting the slopes. These warm-ups are designed to prevent injuries, get the body moving, and help the rider focus on specific skills or tricks they want to learn that day. The exercises include arm stretches and circles to prevent wrist and shoulder injuries, squats to stretch the legs, hips, and lower back, heel sliding into switch to warm up the legs and practice switch riding, twisting while riding to warm up core muscles, and nose and tail presses for leg flexibility. The video aims to provide helpful tips and ideas for stretching and warming up before snowboarding. Snowboarding is an exhilarating sport that requires strength, balance, and flexibility. To prepare your body for a day on the slopes, it’s important to warm up properly. In this article, we will explore five warm-up exercises that you can do on the mountain to prevent injuries, get your body moving, and focus your mind on the skill or trick that you want to learn that day.

Arm Stretches and Arm Circles

The first warm-up exercise we’ll discuss is arm stretches and arm circles. Snowboarding can put a lot of strain on your wrists and shoulders, so it’s crucial to take the time to prepare these areas before hitting the slopes. Start by extending your arms out to the sides and gently stretching them by reaching as far as you can. Then, make large circles with your arms, both clockwise and counterclockwise, to loosen up the muscles in your shoulders. By incorporating arm stretches and arm circles into your warm-up routine, you can help prevent common snowboarding injuries.

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Squat and Flexibility

The next exercise is the squat, which is great for stretching out your legs, hips, and lower back. Squats are an essential warm-up exercise because they mimic the flexed position you’ll be in while snowboarding. As you squat down, try to visualize the different grabs you can do on your snowboard and focus on the flexibility required to execute those grabs. By incorporating squats into your warm-up routine, you can increase your flexibility and prepare your lower body for a day of riding.

Another variation of the squat that can help warm up your legs and get your mind thinking about switch riding is bending your knees and heelsliding into switch. This motion mimics the movement you’ll make when learning switch riding or backboard slides to switch. By incorporating this exercise into your warm-up routine, you can prime your legs for the specific movements involved in switch riding.

5 Snowboard Warm Ups - On Mountain

Twisting While Riding

Twisting while you ride is a fantastic way to warm up your core muscles. If you’re already proficient at switch riding, you can challenge yourself by doing full 180 twists. This exercise not only warms up your core but also helps you practice twisting 180s, a popular trick in snowboarding. On the other hand, if switch riding is not yet in your skill set, you can warm up your core by twisting front and back shifty. This exercise is beneficial for speed checks, board slides, and practicing shifty movements.

Nose and Tail Presses and Leg Warm Up

If your goal for the day is to work on butters, nose and tail presses are the perfect warm-up exercise for you. By doing these presses on the spot, you’ll warm up your legs and get a sense of how it feels to flex your board. The key is to engage your leg muscles and maintain balance as you shift your weight from nose to tail. This warm-up exercise will prepare you for executing butters later in the day.

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To take your leg warm-up to the next level, try incorporating the penguin walk into your routine. The penguin walk is a dynamic exercise that involves moving your weight back and forth over your nose and tail. As you mimic the walking motion, your heart rate will increase, and your muscles will engage. This exercise will not only warm up your legs but also help you find your rhythm and balance on your snowboard.


In conclusion, warming up properly is crucial for a successful day of snowboarding. By incorporating these five warm-up exercises into your routine, you can prevent injuries, get your body moving, and focus your mind on the tricks and skills you want to learn. Remember to prioritize stretching your arms and shoulders to prevent common snowboarding injuries. Additionally, incorporate squats and flexibility exercises to warm up your legs, hips, and lower back. Don’t forget to twist while you ride to engage your core muscles and practice twisting tricks. Finally, work on nose and tail presses to warm up your legs and get a feel for flexing your board. By following these warm-up exercises, you’ll be well prepared for an exciting day on the slopes!

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