3 Ways To Make Your Snowboard Go Down The Slope

3 Ways To Make Your Snowboard Go Down The Slope

In the video “3 Ways To Make Your Snowboard Go Down The Slope” by SnowboardProCamp, Kevin shares three different tactics for new snowboarders to help them navigate down the hill in a straight line. He acknowledges that going straight can be intimidating for beginners due to the increase in speed and the unpredictability of riding flat. The first tactic involves leaning the front hand down towards the snow, which shifts the weight forward and encourages the board to go straight. The second tactic is to start sliding with the snowboard at an angle, as it makes it easier to commit to going straight. Lastly, Kevin mentions using the backhand as a way to add stability and help the board go straight. He concludes by suggesting that beginners can seek the assistance of a friend during their first turns to provide additional support and make the learning process easier. Overall, the video aims to provide helpful tips and techniques for new snowboarders looking to gain confidence and control on the slopes.

First Tactic: Leaning your front hand down towards the snow

Why this tactic works

The first tactic to help make your snowboard go straight is to lean your front hand down towards the snow. This tactic works because it shifts your weight forward, encouraging your board to go straight. By reaching your hand towards the snow in front of you, you naturally start to lean forward, which initiates the movement of your board in a straight line.

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How to perform the tactic

To perform this tactic, start off nice and slow. As you begin sliding down the slope, reach your front hand forward towards the snow. This action will shift your weight towards the front of the board and encourage it to go straight. To maintain control and slow yourself down, turn your shoulders to the top of the slope and push on your toes.

Tips for success

When using this tactic, it’s important to start off at a comfortable speed and gradually increase your pace as you gain confidence. As you reach your front hand towards the snow, focus on feeling the pressure shift to your left foot, which will naturally lean your board more downhill and help it go straight.

Common mistakes to avoid

One common mistake to avoid is overreaching with your front hand. While reaching forward is important, extending too far can throw off your balance and make it difficult to maintain control. Additionally, be mindful of your body position and ensure that you are not leaning too far forward or backward, as this can affect your ability to steer and slow down.

Second Tactic: Getting your snowboard on an angle

Explanation of the tactic

The second tactic to make your snowboard go straight is by getting it on an angle. By starting to slide to the left or right, you can position your board towards going straight. This tactic allows you to be already most of the way there when you need to commit to going straight.

Step-by-step guide

To use this tactic, start by sliding to the left or right. As you do so, angle your snowboard slightly towards going straight. This will set you up for an easier transition into a straight line. When you need to turn back around, focus on angling your board across the slope, rather than trying to slide straight backwards.

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Benefits of this tactic

Getting your snowboard on an angle has several benefits. It enables you to already make progress towards going straight, making it easier to commit to the movement. By angling your board across the slope, you can take advantage of the natural momentum and flow to propel yourself straight ahead.

Challenges you may encounter

One of the challenges you may encounter with this tactic is finding the right angle for your snowboard. It may take some practice and experimentation to determine the optimal angle that allows you to go straight without sacrificing control and stability. Additionally, be aware of your surroundings and make sure there is enough space ahead to execute the tactic safely.

3 Ways To Make Your Snowboard Go Down The Slope

Third Tactic: Using your backhand to help go straight

Understanding the role of the backhand

The third tactic for making your snowboard go straight involves using your backhand to assist in maintaining a straight line. While the backhand may not be a commonly discussed aspect of snowboarding, it can play a significant role in helping your board go straight.

Technique for using the backhand

To utilize your backhand in this tactic, you can start by pointing it up towards the top of the slope. This action helps to align your body and board in a straight line. As you continue sliding, transition your backhand across the slope to bring your toes around for the turn. This technique is particularly effective for toe turns.

When to use this tactic

This tactic can be useful when you feel like you need an extra element to help your board go straight. By leveraging your backhand, you can enhance your control and stability, especially when transitioning from sliding to making a turn. Experiment with this technique to determine if it works well for your riding style and preferences.

Key benefits of this approach

Using your backhand to help go straight provides a different perspective and focus during your snowboarding experience. It can provide additional support and balance, especially when combined with other tactics. By incorporating your backhand into your movements, you can improve your ability to maintain a straight line and execute turns smoothly.

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Bonus Tip: Getting a friend to assist in the first turn

Why having a friend can be helpful

Sometimes, it can be beneficial to have a friend assist you during your first turn. Having a friend provide support and guidance can help boost your confidence and make the process less intimidating. A friend can act as a stabilizing force and prevent you from gaining too much speed, allowing you to focus on the mechanics of your turn.

How to involve a friend

To involve a friend in the first turn, simply ask them to join you on the slope and hold your hand as you go through the motion. By holding onto your friend, you will feel more secure and reassured, which can eliminate some of the anxiety associated with the first turn. This approach acts as a shortcut, allowing you to experience the feeling of going straight without the fear of losing control.

Precautions to take

While involving a friend can be helpful, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure safety. Make sure your friend is experienced and capable of providing the support you need. Choose a suitable location on the slope where there is enough space and minimal traffic. Additionally, communicate with your friend beforehand to establish clear signals and ensure smooth coordination.

Advantages of this strategy

Having a friend assist you in the first turn offers several advantages. It provides a sense of security and eliminates the fear of going straight. It allows you to focus on the technique and mechanics of your turn, rather than worrying about speed or balance. By starting with this extra support, you can build confidence and gradually transition to riding independently.


In conclusion, these three tactics and bonus tip provide a comprehensive range of strategies to help make your snowboard go straight down the slope. By leaning your front hand down towards the snow, getting your snowboard on an angle, and using your backhand to assist in maintaining a straight line, you can gain control and confidence in your riding. Additionally, involving a friend in the first turn can provide an extra level of support and encouragement.

Remember to choose the tactic that aligns with your comfort level and gradually practice and improve your snowboarding skills. It’s normal to feel apprehensive initially, but with time and practice, you will become more comfortable and proficient. Enjoy the learning process, stay safe, and have fun exploring the world of snowboarding.

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