Try This To Keep Your Snowboard Straight Across Flat Areas

Try This To Keep Your Snowboard Straight Across Flat Areas

Looking to improve your snowboarding skills? Check out this video by SnowboardProCamp titled “Try This To Keep Your Snowboard Straight Across Flat Areas.” In this video, Kevin shares some valuable tips for navigating flat areas on your snowboard, which can often be more challenging than steep black diamonds. Kevin emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balanced body position, with knees bent, back straight, and shoulders square to the snowboard. Riding with a flat base and following the fall line can help control speed, but if things get too fast, simply pick an edge and commit to it. Rocking from one edge to the next can also provide control and prevent sliding. Kevin advises against turning and twisting the body, as it will influence the direction of the snowboard. Lastly, riding with a little bit of speed can make flat areas easier to handle. So take these tips and practice as much as you can to become a more confident rider on the flats.

Tips for Riding Flat Areas

Flat areas can pose a challenge for snowboarders. Unlike steep black diamonds, flat areas require a different approach and technique. But fear not! With the right tips and strategies, you can conquer those flat areas on your snowboard. In this article, we will discuss several key tips to help you navigate flat areas with confidence and control.

Try This To Keep Your Snowboard Straight Across Flat Areas

Maintain a Balanced Body Position

The key to riding flat areas successfully is to maintain a balanced body position. This starts with bending your knees, which helps absorb any bumps or uneven terrain. Keeping your back straight is also important, as it helps distribute your weight evenly across the snowboard. Lastly, square your shoulders to your snowboard. This alignment helps you stay in control and maintain balance throughout your ride.

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Ride with a Flat Base

Another crucial tip for riding on flat areas is to ride with a flat base. This means keeping your snowboard parallel to the ground without any tilting. By following the fall line of the terrain, you can maintain a flat base and ride smoothly. If you find yourself picking up too much speed, you can use your preferred edge to slow down and regain control.

Rock from One Edge to the Next

To maintain control and avoid sliding on flat terrain, it’s important to rock from one edge to the next. When you want to go left, use a slight toe edge. Conversely, use a slight heel edge to go right. Being on an edge helps you steer and navigate the flat areas effectively. By utilizing these edges, you can stay in control and prevent any potential accidents.

Avoid Turning and Twisting Your Body

Turning and twisting your body on flat areas can lead to loss of control. It’s essential to keep your shoulders square to your snowboard. By doing so, your board will run straight, even if your base is completely flat. Avoid turning your shoulders or your head, as they will turn your board in that direction. Maintain a steady position to ensure a smooth ride across flat areas.

Try This To Keep Your Snowboard Straight Across Flat Areas

Ride with a Little Bit of Speed

While it may seem counterintuitive, riding with a little bit of speed can make flat areas easier to navigate. Going too slow makes it difficult to maintain balance and control. By maintaining a bit of momentum, you can glide over the flat areas more smoothly. If you start feeling too fast, choose a preferred direction to turn and bring your speed under control.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When riding on flat areas, there are a few common mistakes that beginners tend to make. One of the most critical mistakes is turning and twisting the body. This movement causes the snowboard to follow suit and can lead to loss of control. Similarly, turning your shoulders or head can also affect your board’s direction. Lastly, riding flat at slow speeds can be challenging and may result in a loss of control. Being aware of these mistakes will help you avoid them and ride more effectively on flat terrain.

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Try This To Keep Your Snowboard Straight Across Flat Areas

Practice and Persistence

Improving your skills on flat areas comes with practice and persistence. The more you ride on flat terrain, the better you will become at maintaining balance, controlling your speed, and making seamless transitions between edges. Take the time to practice regularly, and you will notice significant improvements in your ability to ride across flat areas.


Riding on flat areas may be challenging, but with the right techniques, you can conquer them with confidence. Maintaining a balanced body position, riding with a flat base, rocking from one edge to the next, avoiding turning and twisting your body, and riding with a little bit of speed are all key tips to help you navigate flat areas successfully. Remember to avoid common mistakes and practice regularly to improve your riding on flat terrain. So get out there, enjoy the slopes, and conquer those flat areas like a pro!

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