Try This Soccer Drill for Better Snowboard Turns

Try This Soccer Drill for Better Snowboard Turns

In the video “Try This Soccer Drill for Better Snowboard Turns” by SnowboardProCamp, Kevin shares five analogies that can help improve snowboard turns. He starts by suggesting to visualize a flashlight on your front knee and turning it in the direction you want to go, emphasizing that this analogy greatly improves steering. Additionally, Kevin advises thinking about kicking a soccer ball with your back foot to help with beginner toe turns, as it assists in getting onto your toe edge. Other helpful analogies included in the video are opening and closing a door with your front hand to enhance heel and toe turns respectively, and visualizing your back hand and the tail of your snowboard as the rudders of a boat for quicker and more precise turns. Lastly, Kevin recommends pretending there are small fires on the side of each turn and spraying snow to put them out, which helps control speed and promotes stability. Overall, these analogies are a creative and practical way to enhance snowboard turns and provide more control and consistency.

Analogies for Better Snowboard Turns

Snowboarding is an exhilarating sport that requires skill, technique, and precision. One way to improve your snowboard turns is by using analogies that relate to everyday activities. These analogies can help you better understand the mechanics of turning and make the necessary adjustments to improve your technique. In this article, we will explore five analogies that can help you enhance your snowboard turns and take your riding to the next level.

Flashlight on Your Front Knee

The first analogy we will discuss is imagining a flashlight on your front knee. By turning this flashlight in the direction you want to go, you can greatly improve your steering. This analogy helps you focus on initiating the turn with your front knee, which plays a crucial role in steering your snowboard. Visualize the flashlight illuminating the path you want to take and shine it in that direction. This mental imagery can enhance your ability to steer and make shorter turns, giving you greater control on the slopes.

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To optimize this analogy, remember to keep the movement of your front knee smooth and fluid. Avoid any abrupt or jerky motions, as they can disrupt your balance and control. Instead, imagine smoothly turning the flashlight, which translates to a smooth and controlled turn on your snowboard.

Try This Soccer Drill for Better Snowboard Turns

Kicking a Soccer Ball with Your Back Foot

For beginners struggling with toe turns, envisioning kicking a soccer ball with your back foot can be highly effective. When bringing your toe turn around, imagine the motion of kicking a soccer ball back with your back foot. This analogy helps you engage the proper muscles and position your body to transition onto your toe edge.

Similarly, this analogy can also be applied to heel turns. If you’re cruising along and want to come around onto your heels, envision kicking that back foot around as if you were kicking a soccer ball. By incorporating this analogy, you can improve your heel turns and seamlessly transition onto a new edge.

It’s important to note that while this analogy can be helpful, it’s crucial not to execute the movement too quickly. Rapidly kicking the back foot can lead to losing balance or getting twisted. Focus on the smoothness and control of the motion, allowing your body to adjust and respond accordingly.

Opening and Closing a Door with Your Front Hand

Another effective analogy for improving snowboard turns is visualizing opening and closing a door with your front hand. This analogy emphasizes the movements and positioning of your shoulders during turns.

To execute a heel turn, imagine opening a door with your front hand, which brings your shoulders to face the bottom of the hill. This motion helps you control your speed and initiate the turn smoothly. On the other hand, for a toe turn, visualize closing a door with your front hand. This action involves facing your shoulders towards the top of the hill and aids in completing the turn effectively, especially on the toes.

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Practicing this analogy can significantly enhance your beginner turns and assist in maintaining control of your speed. By integrating the door-opening and door-closing motions, you can achieve better consistency in completing turns and experience smoother transitions on the slopes.

Try This Soccer Drill for Better Snowboard Turns

Steering Like a Boat

For a more nuanced understanding of turning, imagine yourself steering a boat. Envision your back hand and the tail of your snowboard as the rudders of the boat. By treating your back hand as the rudder, you can make quicker turns and enhance your steering ability.

To execute a quicker turn, pull your back hand back towards the toe turn and then bring it forward for the heel turn. This motion engages your back hand and adds an extra element to your turns, allowing for more efficient steering. This analogy is particularly useful for improving tow turns and can help you maintain balance and control throughout the entire turn.

Don’t underestimate the significance of the backhand in your turns. By using the boat rudder analogy, you can bring attention to this often neglected aspect of turning and unlock new levels of control and precision in your snowboard turns.

Spraying Snow to Put Out Fires

The final analogy may seem a bit unconventional, but it can be highly effective in improving your snowboard turns. Imagine there are small fires out the side of each turn, and your goal is to spray snow to put them out. By focusing on spraying snow at the side of the turn, you can better control your speed and achieve more consistent turns.

Spraying snow as you turn helps you maintain a slightly slower speed, which can be beneficial for maintaining control and stability. Additionally, spraying snow evenly at each turn helps to even out your turns, resulting in smoother and more controlled movements on your heels and toes.

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Think of each turn as an opportunity to put out those small fires and strive for consistency and control throughout your ride. This analogy may sound unusual, but it serves as a great reminder to stay in control, navigate smoothly, and master the art of graceful turns on the slopes.

In conclusion, incorporating analogies into your snowboarding practice can significantly enhance your turns and overall riding experience. Whether you imagine a flashlight on your front knee, kick a soccer ball with your back foot, open and close a door with your front hand, steer like a boat, or spray snow to put out fires, these mental images can help you visualize and execute the necessary movements to improve your turns.

Remember to focus on smooth and controlled motions, avoid rushing or jerky movements, and stay mindful of your balance and body positioning. With dedication, practice, and the power of analogies, you can greatly enhance your snowboard turns and become a more skilled and confident rider. So grab your snowboard, hit the slopes, and have fun experimenting with these analogies to take your snowboarding to new heights!

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