How to Turn in Moguls – Snowboarding Tips

How to Turn in Moguls – Snowboarding Tips

Looking to improve your snowboarding skills and take on the challenge of riding moguls? In this video by SnowboardProCamp, Kevin shares his top tips for navigating moguls on your snowboard. He emphasizes the importance of picking a good line, using your knees to absorb the moguls, and making quick turns. Kevin also encourages viewers to practice these skills, even if they don’t plan on snowboarding in moguls, as it can help improve overall riding abilities. With these snowboard skills, you’ll gain confidence in riding moguls and enhance your overall snowboarding experience. Don’t hesitate to leave Kevin any questions or a video link for feedback on your mogul riding. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more snowboard videos!

In his video, Kevin from SnowboardProCamp provides valuable tips and tricks for conquering moguls while snowboarding. He recommends starting with a wider line to allow better control of speed and to find the best spot for turning. Kevin highlights the importance of riding over the mogul and turning down its face, utilizing knee movements to absorb the constant pressure. Quick and small turns are necessary for maintaining control, with weight distribution between the front and back foot to initiate and complete the turns effectively. Riding moguls might be challenging at first, but by honing these skills, confidence will grow, and overall snowboarding abilities will improve. Feel free to engage with Kevin by leaving any questions or a video link of your mogul riding for constructive feedback. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for the next video!

Picking a Good Line

When it comes to riding moguls on a snowboard, picking a good line is crucial. When starting out, it’s important to take a wider line, about three or four moguls wide. This wider line will give riders the time they need to control their speed and pick the best spot to make a turn. As riders become more experienced, they can start to take a narrower line.

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Unlike skiers, snowboarders ride over the mogul and turn down the face of it. The face of the mogul provides the space needed to turn and control speed. By riding over the mogul instead of in between them, snowboarders can utilize the terrain to their advantage.

Using Your Knees

One of the key techniques for riding moguls is using your knees. This helps to absorb the impact of the moguls and deal with the constantly changing pressure on your snowboard. To practice this, riders can start by riding across the slope and focusing on bending their front and back legs independently. By bending the front leg first, followed by the back leg, riders can effectively absorb the mogul as they ride over it. As they ride down the mogul, they should extend their front leg first, followed by extending their back leg. This continuous bending and extending of the knees ensures that the entire length of the snowboard edge stays in contact with the snow, which is essential for maintaining balance and controlling speed in the moguls.

How to Turn in Moguls - Snowboarding Tips

Making Quick Turns

To navigate through moguls effectively, snowboarders need to be able to make quick turns. Before initiating a turn, it’s important to spot the mogul you want to turn over. Anticipating the turn with your head and front shoulder can help with the execution. To make a quick turn, riders should turn at their hips and knees, using their core to steer the board. It’s also crucial to alternate weight between the front and back foot. Initiating the turn with more weight on the front foot makes it easier to bring the back foot around quickly. As the board comes around, riders should shift their weight onto the back foot to spray snow and control speed.

Challenging at First

Riding moguls can be challenging, especially for beginners. However, with practice and patience, confidence can be gained over time. Building confidence is important, as it allows riders to tackle more difficult terrain with ease. Riding in moguls not only challenges snowboard skills but also improves overall riding abilities. It’s important to remember that progress takes time, and it’s essential to be patient with yourself. If you’re struggling or want to improve further, don’t hesitate to ask for feedback or share videos for critique. Getting an outside perspective can provide valuable insights and help identify areas for improvement.

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In conclusion, riding moguls on a snowboard requires a combination of skills, including picking a good line, using your knees, and making quick turns. By taking a wider line, riders can control their speed and find the optimal spot to turn. Using the knees to absorb the moguls and maintaining contact between the snowboard edge and the snow is crucial for balance and speed control. Making quick turns involves anticipating the turn, using the hips and knees to steer the board, and alternating weight between the front and back foot. While challenging at first, practicing these skills and gaining confidence over time will greatly enhance a snowboarder’s ability to ride in moguls and improve overall snowboarding skills.

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