Green, Blue & Black Runs – Beginner Snowboard Turn Progression

Green, Blue & Black Runs – Beginner Snowboard Turn Progression

“Green, Blue & Black Runs – Beginner Snowboard Turn Progression” is a video by SnowboardProCamp that aims to provide tips for beginner snowboarders to progress from green to blue and eventually black runs. The video emphasizes the importance of practicing turns on the green slopes to build confidence and master the fundamentals. It advises beginners to focus on controlling their speed equally on both edges before progressing to more difficult runs. Additionally, the video provides guidance on tackling the steeper slopes of blue runs and using the whole body to quickly turn the snowboard on black diamond runs. Overall, the video offers valuable insights and tips to help beginner snowboarders progress through the various skill levels.

In the video, Kevin from Snowboardprocamp welcomes new snowboarders to the channel and shares the keys to progress from green runs to blue and then to black slopes. He highlights the green area as the perfect place to practice turns and build the necessary balance and control. Kevin advises beginners to focus on gaining confidence by letting the board go straight down the hill and gradually adding speed. He also provides guidance on how to properly execute turns on blue slopes and emphasizes the importance of controlling speed equally on both heels and toes. Lastly, he provides tips for tackling black diamond runs, such as using the whole body to steer the board and ensuring optimal conditions. The video concludes by encouraging new snowboarders to progress from greens to blues and blacks and invites them to ask any questions in the comment section.

Green, Blue  Black Runs - Beginner Snowboard Turn Progression

Green Runs

When it comes to learning how to snowboard, green runs are the perfect place to start. These slopes are typically mellow, which means they aren’t too steep and are ideal for beginners to practice their turns. The key here is to focus on putting in a lot of mileage. The more runs you do on the green slopes, the more practice you’ll get, and the better your balance and control will become.

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One important aspect of progressing from green runs to more challenging slopes is learning to straighten your board and pick up speed before turning. This can be intimidating for beginners, but it’s an essential skill to develop. By allowing your board to go straight down the hill and gaining a bit of speed before initiating a turn, you’ll build confidence and prepare yourself for the next level.

Remember, the green runs are all about building a strong foundation, so take your time, practice your turns, and focus on gaining control and adding speed to your runs. This will set you up for success as you progress to the more challenging blue runs.

Blue Runs

Moving on to the blue runs can be a bit daunting for beginners. The slopes are steeper, and you’ll pick up more speed compared to the green runs. The most difficult part is often the first turn on a blue slope. Many people tend to lean back toward their tail when attempting this turn due to the intimidating steepness.

To overcome this challenge, it’s crucial to shift your weight forward on your snowboard. Use your front hand to reach down towards the snow in front of the nose of your board. This action will help you get your weight forward, allowing you to point your board down the hill for a moment before transitioning to the new edge.

In addition to mastering the first turn on a blue slope, it’s important to focus on controlling your speed evenly on both edges. This means being able to control your speed on your heels as well as your toes. Once you can do this consistently, you’ll be ready to progress beyond the beginner stage and take on more difficult snowboard runs.

Black Runs

Arriving at your first black diamond run can be an intimidating experience. The steepness and speed can be overwhelming. However, with the right technique and mindset, you’ll be able to conquer these challenging slopes.

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One key to successfully navigating black runs is using your entire body to quickly turn your snowboard. This means engaging your shoulders, hips, and knees to initiate and complete the turns. By using your whole body, you’ll be able to steer your board more efficiently and effectively.

Another important tip is to always keep your back hand over the top of the tail of your snowboard during toe turns. This position provides better stability and control, especially on steeper terrain. Additionally, activating your core muscles throughout the turns will help ensure that all your movements are coordinated and flowing smoothly.

When attempting your first black diamond run, it’s crucial to choose optimal conditions. If the snow is icy or the weather conditions are challenging, it can make the run much more difficult and less enjoyable. So, pick the right time and place for your first black diamond adventure to set yourself up for success.


Progressing from green to blue and eventually to black runs is an exciting journey for beginner snowboarders. By starting on the mellow green slopes, practicing your turns, and building confidence, you’ll be well-prepared to take on the more challenging slopes. Remember to focus on straightening your board and picking up speed before turning, shift your weight forward on blue slopes, and use your whole body to steer your snowboard on black runs. With practice, determination, and the right conditions, you’ll be shredding down the slopes like a pro in no time.

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