In this article titled “FIRST BLACK DIAMOND SNOWBOARDING,” the author discusses a video by SnowboardProCamp where they take Rob from SportRx down his first ever black diamond. The article outlines the two simple tips given to help Rob with his first black diamond: starting on his toe edge and committing to the toe turn by facing his chest to the top of the run. The author also encourages readers to leave any questions about snowboarding on black diamonds in the comments and check out Rob and SportRx’s YouTube channel for goggle and sunglasses videos. Overall, the article aims to provide helpful tips and showcase Rob’s progression in snowboarding with more speed and confidence.

Choosing the Right Gear

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Capita DOA Snowboard

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Vans Hi Standard Pro Boots

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Introduction to First Black Diamond Snowboarding

Now that you have the right gear, it’s time to explore new challenges on the mountain. In a video by SnowboardProCamp, we follow Rob from SportRx as he takes on his first ever black diamond run. Rob had recently returned to snowboarding after a year-long break and was looking to improve his speed and confidence on the slopes.

Snowboarding with Rob from SportRx

Rob’s Progression and Goals

During his time with SnowboardProCamp, Rob was focused on advancing his snowboarding skills and building confidence on more challenging terrain. Starting with his first run of the season after a year-long hiatus, Rob was determined to push himself and improve his overall riding abilities.

Building Speed and Confidence

One of the key areas Rob wanted to work on was his speed. By riding with more speed, he aimed to improve his control and fluidity on the slopes. Additionally, increased speed would allow him to confidently tackle more difficult runs, like the black diamond he would be attempting.


Two Tips for First Black Diamond

Start on Toe Edge

One of the first tips given to Rob for snowboarding on a black diamond run was to start on his toe edge. The toe turn is generally more challenging than the heel turn, so starting on the toes sets him up for success right from the beginning. This allows Rob to gain confidence and control right from the start of his run.

Commit to Toe Turn

The second tip for Rob was to fully commit to the toe turn and face his chest to the top of the run. This helps Rob initiate and complete the toe turn effectively. By committing to the turn and looking up, he can control his speed and be prepared for the next turn. These two tips work together to ensure a smooth and successful descent down the black diamond slope.

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Understanding the Difficulty of the Toe Turn

For many snowboarders, the toe turn can pose a challenge. It requires a higher level of commitment and balance compared to the heel turn. By understanding the difficulty of the toe turn, riders like Rob can focus on the specific technique and mindset needed to conquer it. The toe turn is a crucial skill to master on black diamond runs, as it allows for speed control and better preparation for the next turn.

Facing the Top of the Run

Importance of Commitment

When facing the top of the run, committing to the turn becomes essential. By fully committing to the toe turn and facing the top, Rob can overcome any hesitation or fear. This mindset shift helps build confidence and allows for a more fluid and controlled descent down the black diamond.

Controlling Speed

Facing the top of the run also aids in controlling speed. By looking ahead and focusing on the top, Rob can adjust his body positioning and weight distribution to regulate his speed effectively. This prevents him from sliding down on his heels and ensures a smoother ride.

Looking Up

Looking up when facing the top of the run is essential for maintaining balance and stability. It helps Rob engage his core muscles and maintain a centered position on the board. Additionally, looking up provides better visibility of the slope ahead, allowing Rob to anticipate any obstacles or changes in terrain.

Rob’s Experience and Feeling of Confidence

Overcoming Fear

Committing to the toe turn and facing the top of the run proved to be a game-changer for Rob. By starting on his toes and fully committing to the turn, he was able to overcome his fear and gain confidence in his abilities. This newfound confidence allowed him to navigate the black diamond with ease and control.

Importance of Starting on Toes

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Rob mentioned that starting on his toes was a crucial factor in his successful descent down the black diamond. By starting with the more difficult toe turn, he was able to build momentum and control throughout the run. This emphasized the importance of starting strong and setting oneself up for success right from the beginning.

Progress in Turns and Control of Speed

Spraying Snow for Control

As Rob continued to ride down the black diamond, he began to notice improvements in his turns and speed control. One key technique he learned was spraying snow out to the side during his turns. By doing so, Rob could better regulate his speed and maintain control throughout each turn. This technique allowed him to progress and gain confidence in his abilities.

Developing a Rhythm

Another aspect of his progress was developing a rhythm in his riding. By focusing on the fluidity and rhythm of his turns, Rob was able to maintain a consistent pace and control his speed effectively. This helped him navigate the black diamond with more confidence and precision.

Continuing the Progression

Answering Questions from Viewers

At the end of the video, viewers were encouraged to ask any questions they had about snowboarding on black diamonds or improving speed. This shows the importance of continuing the learning process and seeking advice from experienced snowboarders. By addressing these questions, Rob and the SnowboardProCamp team can help others progress in their snowboarding journey.

Importance of Good Goggles

In the closing remarks, the importance of good goggles was emphasized. Quality goggles not only protect your eyes from the elements but also enhance your visibility and overall experience on the mountain. Rob’s YouTube channel, SportRx, provides recommendations and reviews of various goggles and sunglasses, ensuring that snowboarders have the right equipment for their adventures.


Rob’s experience of conquering his first black diamond run highlights the importance of proper technique, commitment, and confidence in snowboarding. By starting on the toe edge and fully committing to the toe turn, Rob was able to navigate the challenging terrain with control and ease. His progress in turns and speed control showcases the impact of small adjustments and developing a fluid riding style. Continuing the learning process and seeking advice from experienced riders is crucial for improvement. With the right gear, a positive mindset, and the willingness to push boundaries, snowboarders can overcome challenges and reach new heights in their snowboarding journey.

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