Beginner Snowboard Tips – First Run of the Season

Beginner Snowboard Tips – First Run of the Season

In the video “Beginner Snowboard Tips – First Run of the Season” by SnowboardProCamp, the host provides some helpful tips for someone who is getting back into snowboarding after a year. The first set of tips focuses on getting off the chairlift, including sitting sideways, letting the snowboard run straight, and dragging the heel or toe in the snow. The host also recommends practicing one foot skating for beginners. On the first run down the slope, the host advises staying mostly in the center of the run and keeping the back hand over the snowboard to improve steering and balance. Finally, the host encourages the person to follow them to develop speed and rhythm while snowboarding. For more beginner tips, viewers can check out the beginner snowboard playlist.

In this informative and engaging video, the host guides a person named Rob from SportRx through his first day snowboarding in about a year. The run is filled with tips and pointers to help Rob have a smooth and enjoyable experience. From getting off the chairlift to maneuvering down the slope, the host provides clear instructions and encourages Rob every step of the way. By the end of the run, Rob’s turns become smoother, and he gains more control over his snowboard. The video wraps up with a mention of the beginner snowboard playlist and an invitation for viewers to subscribe to both SnowboardProCamp and SportRx channels for more fun and progress updates throughout the week.

Beginner Snowboard Tips – First Run of the Season

Beginner Snowboard Tips - First Run of the Season


In this video from SnowboardProCamp, the presenter is joined by Rob from SportRx for his first day of snowboarding in about a year. The video provides tips and guidance for beginners to help them survive the chairlift and make their first run smooth and enjoyable. From sitting sideways on the chairlift to improving steering and balance, the video offers valuable advice for those getting back on their snowboard after a break. Let’s dive into the tips and tricks shared in the video!

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Getting off the Chairlift

The first challenge beginners often face is getting off the chairlift. To tackle this, the presenter suggests sitting sideways on the chairlift and holding onto the back seat. This position allows for an easier transition when it’s time to get off the lift. Once off the lift, beginners should let their snowboard run straight for a moment and then drag their heel or toe in the snow to control their speed. This technique helps beginners gain confidence and control right from the start.

Practicing One Foot Skating

For those who have never snowboarded before, it’s beneficial to practice one foot skating. This technique involves riding with only one foot strapped into the snowboard, mimicking the motion of skating on the snow. Practicing one foot skating helps beginners become more comfortable with the feeling of being on a snowboard and improves their balance.

Keeping to the Center of the Run

As Rob takes his first run down the slope, the presenter advises him to keep mostly to the center of the run. Staying in the center allows beginners to have a clear view of what’s ahead and minimizes the risk of collisions with other riders. By focusing on what’s in front of them rather than worrying about those behind them, beginners can build confidence and ride with greater ease.

Improving Steering and Balance

To further enhance Rob’s snowboarding skills, the presenter recommends keeping his back hand over his snowboard. This simple adjustment helps improve steering and balance, especially during toe turns. By consciously keeping the back hand over the tail of the snowboard, Rob can better control his turns and make them smoother.

Following the Rhythm

To help Rob improve his speed and get into a rhythm while snowboarding, the presenter invites him to follow along. By following the experienced rider, Rob can observe and learn from their movements, allowing him to develop a better sense of flow and timing. Following and mimicking an experienced rider is an excellent way for beginners to improve their technique and confidence on the slopes.

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Additional Beginner Tips

For more beginner tips and tricks, the presenter suggests checking out the beginner snowboard playlist. This resource provides a wealth of information and guidance specifically tailored to beginners. Whether it’s learning new techniques or building confidence, the playlist offers valuable insights for those just starting their snowboarding journey.


Snowboarding can be an exhilarating and enjoyable sport, especially for beginners. By following the tips and advice shared in this video, beginners can navigate their first run of the season with more confidence and ease. From getting off the chairlift to improving steering and balance, each tip is designed to help beginners have a fun and successful experience on the slopes. So grab your snowboard, practice those fundamental skills, and enjoy the thrill of snowboarding!

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