5 Tips to Improve Snowboard Turns

5 Tips to Improve Snowboard Turns

In the video titled “5 Tips to Improve Snowboard Turns” by SnowboardProCamp, the host shares five helpful tips to enhance snowboarding turns. The first tip focuses on keeping the back hand over the tail of the snowboard to improve balance and smoother toe turns. The second tip advises using knees to absorb bumps and uneven terrain for better control. The video goes on to discuss spraying snow evenly throughout the turns, practicing riding switch for improved balance, and challenging oneself by riding on side banks to enhance steering and pressure on the snowboard. The host also includes music and gear recommendations.

In this informative video, Kevin from SnowboardProCamp and Chris from Homeless Whistler camp provide viewers with five valuable tips to boost their snowboard turns. The tips range from keeping the back hand over the tail of the snowboard for better balance and smoother toe turns, using knees to absorb bumps and uneven terrain, distributing effort evenly over toe and heel turns by spraying snow uniformly, practicing switch snowboard turns to improve balance, and challenging oneself by turning on side banks. By following these tips, snowboarders can enhance their techniques and overall riding experience.

5 Tips to Improve Snowboard Turns

Tip 1: Back hand placement

When it comes to improving snowboard turns, one of the first tips is to keep the back hand over the tail of the snowboard. This simple adjustment in hand placement can make a big difference in both balance and the smoothness of toe turns. By keeping the back hand over the tail, riders can maintain better balance over their snowboards, allowing them to make more controlled and fluid movements during toe turns. This tip not only enhances the overall snowboarding experience but also improves technique and performance.

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Tip 2: Knee absorption

Another important tip for better snowboard turns is to use the knees to absorb bumps and uneven terrain. It can be challenging to navigate through bumpy or rough areas on the mountain, but by using the knees to absorb the impact, riders can maintain better control and stability. Absorbing bumps with the knees helps to keep the snowboard in constant contact with the snow, providing more responsiveness and making turns smoother. This technique increases confidence and allows riders to tackle any terrain with ease.

Tip 3: Even effort distribution

To achieve balance and fluidity in turns, it is crucial to spray snow evenly over toe and heel turns. By distributing the effort evenly throughout the turns, riders can maintain control and avoid putting unnecessary strain on specific areas of the body. Many riders tend to favor one turn direction over the other, which can lead to fatigue and imbalances. However, by consciously spraying snow evenly on both toe and heel turns, riders can reduce fatigue and enjoy a more symmetrical riding experience. This tip promotes efficient and effortless turning on the snowboard.

Tip 4: Riding switch

Improving balance and overall snowboard turns can be achieved by practicing riding in the opposite direction, also known as riding switch. While it may feel awkward at first, riding switch forces riders to focus on each element of a turn and be more aware of their body positioning. This heightened awareness during switch riding can translate back to regular turns, improving overall technique and balance. Riding switch challenges riders to adapt and become more versatile on their snowboards, leading to enhanced performance and confidence.

Tip 5: Riding on side banks

For riders looking to challenge themselves and further improve their snowboarding skills, riding on side banks is a great option. Riding on side banks involves maneuvering the snowboard along the edge of the slope, where the terrain is slanted. This exercise helps riders enhance their steering abilities and apply proper pressure on the snowboard. Riding on side banks requires riders to use their front shoulder to drop down on the bank and steer the board back into the run. This challenging exercise can significantly improve overall snowboarding skills and control.

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Music and gear recommendations

In addition to the tips provided, selecting the right music can contribute to an enjoyable riding experience. A good playlist can add excitement, motivation, and rhythm to a snowboarding session, enhancing the overall mood and energy. Riders can choose music that matches their personal taste and riding style, whether it’s upbeat and energetic or calming and soothing.

Alongside the music, having the right snowboard gear is essential for improved turns. One recommended gear option is the Vans Hi Standard Pro Boots, known for their impressive performance and comfort. These boots provide the necessary support, stability, and responsiveness that can greatly enhance a rider’s turns. Investing in high-quality gear ensures a more enjoyable and safe snowboarding experience.


Improving snowboard turns is a continuous journey that requires practice, technique, and a willingness to challenge oneself. By following the five tips provided—keeping the back hand over the tail, using knees for absorption, distributing effort evenly, practicing riding switch, and riding on side banks—riders can enhance their turning abilities, balance, and overall snowboarding skills. Additionally, selecting the right music and gear can add another layer of enjoyment and improvement to every session on the mountain. So, grab your snowboard, apply these tips, and hit the slopes with confidence and style. Happy riding!

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