5 Tips for Intermediate Sliding Turns – Snowboard Tutorial

5 Tips for Intermediate Sliding Turns – Snowboard Tutorial

In this SnowboardProCamp video tutorial, Kevin shares his top tips for mastering intermediate sliding turns on a snowboard. Sliding turns are not only great for snowboarding on runs, but also through narrow paths and in the terrain park. The key to sliding turns is using the tail of the snowboard like a fish’s tail, sweeping it back and forth and using the edges to control speed. Anticipating each turn with the front shoulder helps prevent over steering and keeps the rider from getting twisted. Bending the knees is crucial for absorbing bumps and maintaining constant contact between the board and the snow. These quick sliding turns are especially useful in the terrain park, allowing riders to approach features with a narrow approach. The tutorial provides helpful tips for navigating tight turns in trees or narrow paths. Overall, this tutorial offers valuable insights and techniques for intermediate snowboarders looking to improve their sliding turns.

5 Tips for Intermediate Sliding Turns - Snowboard Tutorial

Tip 1: Using the Tail of Your Snowboard

One of the key elements to master when it comes to sliding turns on a snowboard is effectively using the tail of your board. Think of the tail as the fish’s tail, and imagine sweeping it back and forth as you ride. This motion, combined with using your edges, will allow you to control your speed as you navigate down the slopes. By sweeping the tail of your snowboard back and forth, you can manipulate the snow and maintain control, ensuring a smooth and steady ride.

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Tip 2: Anticipating Turns with Your Front Shoulder

Another important technique to master for sliding turns on a snowboard is anticipating each turn with your front shoulder. By doing so, you can prevent yourself from getting twisted and avoid the possibility of catching an edge, which can lead to a fall. Anticipating the turn with your front shoulder allows for quick and effortless turns, enhancing your overall control and balance while riding. It’s important to remember that by anticipating the turn, you also prevent yourself from overcommitting to each turn. This technique is especially useful in tight areas such as tree runs or narrow paths where precise and controlled turns are necessary.

Tip 3: Sliding Turns in Tight Areas

Sliding turns can be incredibly useful when navigating through tight areas such as narrow paths or tree runs. In these situations, where maneuvering space is limited, being able to execute precise and controlled turns is essential. By mastering sliding turns, you can easily maneuver through these tight areas with ease and confidence.

Tip 4: Bending Your Knees in Bumpy Terrain

When riding through bumpy or uneven terrain, it’s crucial to maintain control and balance. To achieve this, focus on bending your knees as you turn, as this helps absorb the bumps and keeps your snowboard’s edge in constant contact with the snow. By keeping your knees bent, you maximize your ability to maintain balance and effectively control your speed even in challenging terrain.

5 Tips for Intermediate Sliding Turns - Snowboard Tutorial

Tip 5: Sliding Turns in the Terrain Park

Sliding turns are not only useful for navigating the slopes but also for tricks and jumps in the terrain park. These quick sliding turns allow you to maintain a narrow approach to features such as boxes or jumps, setting you up for successful tricks. By leveling out your board and quickly controlling your speed, sliding turns become a valuable technique for performing tricks and safely landing them in the terrain park.

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Tip 6: Sliding Turns for Landing Tricks

After landing a trick in the terrain park, it’s essential to be able to quickly regain control of your speed to ensure a smooth transition. Sliding turns are the perfect technique for this, as they allow you to promptly control your speed after landing. This not only ensures your safety but also enables you to seamlessly move on to your next trick or feature.

Benefits of Sliding Turns

There are numerous benefits to mastering sliding turns on a snowboard. Firstly, sliding turns provide a smooth and steady downhill ride, allowing for an enjoyable and controlled descent. Secondly, sliding turns significantly improve control and balance, especially in uneven and challenging terrain. By executing sliding turns, riders can easily adapt to changing slope conditions and maintain optimal control throughout their ride. Finally, sliding turns offer a narrow approach to features in the terrain park, enabling riders to efficiently set up for tricks and jumps.

Practicing Sliding Turns

To improve your sliding turns, it’s essential to find suitable areas on the runs where you can practice this technique. Look for sections of the slope that offer enough space for you to execute the sweeping motion of the tail, while also allowing you to control your speed effectively. Additionally, tree runs and narrow paths are excellent locations to challenge yourself and further refine your sliding turns. Lastly, don’t be afraid to utilize the terrain park for practicing sliding turns, as it provides the perfect environment for honing your skills.

Additional Tips to Enhance Sliding Turns

To enhance your sliding turns, there are a few additional tips to keep in mind. Firstly, focus on weight distribution. Keep your weight centered over your snowboard to maximize control and maneuverability. Secondly, keep your upper body relaxed, as tension can hinder your ability to execute sliding turns smoothly. Finally, make sure you are using proper snowboard gear, including appropriate boots and bindings, to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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Sliding turns are a valuable technique for intermediate snowboarders looking to enhance their control and style on the mountain. By effectively using the tail of the snowboard and incorporating techniques such as anticipating turns with the front shoulder, riders can navigate downhill with ease and confidence. Sliding turns offer benefits such as a smooth and steady ride, control and balance in challenging terrain, and a narrow approach to features in the terrain park. With practice and proper technique, sliding turns can become second nature, allowing riders to fully enjoy the exhilarating sport of snowboarding. So go out there, hit the slopes, and master the art of sliding turns!

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