5 Hacks That Make Snowboarding Easier

5 Hacks That Make Snowboarding Easier

In the video “5 Hacks That Make Snowboarding Easier” by SnowboardProCamp, Kevin shares five unconventional hacks that will enhance your snowboarding experience. The first hack focuses on making chairlift rides more comfortable by resting your snowboard on your free foot, alleviating the strain on one leg. However, to prevent any damage to your boots, Kevin suggests removing the snowboard binding and placing it on your boot instead. The second hack involves creating a “shelf” in the snow to avoid sitting down and getting wet when strapping up your snowboard. By digging your heel edge into the snow, you can easily stand up and fasten your bindings without hassle.

The third hack addresses the challenge of maneuvering in flat areas as a snowboarder. Instead of unstrapping and walking across, Kevin demonstrates the penguin walk technique. By getting on your toe edge and alternating between your nose and tail, you can effectively walk and propel yourself across the flat stretch. The fourth hack offers a safer and more comfortable way to stop on the side of the run. Instead of going down on your knees or sitting, Kevin suggests digging a shelf on your toes, allowing you to maintain visibility and ease of movement. Lastly, for beginners or anyone struggling to stand up from a sitting position, Kevin shares two convenient methods: using your front hand to pull on the toe edge of your snowboard while pushing up with your backhand, or simply grabbing behind your knee and rolling over onto your toes. By implementing these five hacks, you can enhance your snowboarding experience and enjoy a smoother ride.

5 Hacks That Make Snowboarding Easier

Resting Your Snowboard on the Chairlift

When on the chairlift, there is a lot of strain put on your leg due to the weight of your snowboard. To reduce this strain and make the chairlift ride more comfortable, a simple hack is to rest your snowboard on your free foot. By doing this, the weight and pressure are divided among both legs. However, there is a potential issue with resting the snowboard directly on your boot. The metal edge of the snowboard can cut into your boot and cause damage. To avoid this, you can take the snowboard off the edge and put the binding onto your boot. This way, you can rest your snowboard on your boot without worrying about boot damage. This hack not only reduces strain on your leg but also makes the chairlift ride much more enjoyable.

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Putting on Your Snowboard

When putting on your snowboard, it is common to have to sit down and strap up. However, this can lead to your butt getting wet and cold, which is uncomfortable and unpleasant. To avoid this, you can dig yourself a shelf in the snow using your heel edge. Dig until you have a nice platform where you can stand up and easily put on your bindings. By doing this, you eliminate the need to sit in the snow, keeping yourself dry and warm throughout the day. This hack allows you to strap up without going through the struggles of sitting down and getting up out of the snow every time.

Getting Across Flat Areas

As a snowboarder, it can be challenging to navigate across flat areas since we don’t have poles to push ourselves along. The typical approach is to unstrap, walk across the flat area, and then go through the process of strapping up again. However, there is a hack to skip all of that and make crossing flat areas much easier. It’s called the penguin walk technique. To do this, get your toe edge in the snow and alternate between your nose and tail, walking and pushing yourself across. It may take a bit of practice, but mastering this technique can save you time and effort when getting across flat areas. Instead of having to unstrap and strap up multiple times, you can quickly and easily navigate through flat areas using the penguin walk.

Stopping on the Side of the Run

When you need to stop yourself on the side of the run, the common practice is to either go down on your knees or sit on the side. However, there is a better way to do it. Instead of kneeling or sitting, you can dig yourself a shelf, but this time using your toes. By digging in on your toes, you can stay standing on the side. This is not only safer because you have better visibility of what’s happening above you, but it also keeps you drier by staying up out of the snow. It is a more comfortable and effective way to rest on the side of the run. If you ever need to move out of the way, it will be much easier to do so while standing.

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Standing Up from Sitting

For beginners or anyone who finds themselves sitting in the snow, standing up from a sitting position can be challenging. There are two easy ways to do this. The first method is to grab the toe edge of your snowboard with your front hand, giving you something to pull on while you push up with your back hand. This way, you can use the leverage of your snowboard to help you stand up. The second method, which is probably easier, is to roll over onto your toes. Instead of struggling to roll over, you can grab behind your knee with one hand and use that as leverage to roll over and push yourself up. These two methods make it much easier to stand up from a sitting position, whether you’re practicing your heel sliding or simply taking a break.


In conclusion, these five snowboard hacks can make your day of snowboarding much easier and more enjoyable. By implementing these hacks, you can reduce strain on your leg, prevent boot damage, avoid getting wet and cold when putting on your snowboard, create a shelf to stand on, navigate across flat areas more easily, stop on the side of the run comfortably and safely, and stand up from sitting with ease. These simple yet effective hacks can greatly enhance your snowboarding experience. So give them a try and see the difference for yourself. And if you have any additional snowboard hacks, feel free to share them in the comments.

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