10 Beginner Snowboarding Hacks

10 Beginner Snowboarding Hacks

In the video titled “10 Beginner Snowboarding Hacks” by SnowboardProCamp, the host Kevin shares his top 10 hacks to help make your first day of snowboarding easier. As a beginner snowboarder himself, Kevin learned these hacks through his own experiences on the mountain. The hacks range from solving common problems like breaking a strap on your bindings to keeping your hands warm while using your phone on the slopes. Kevin also provides tips on saving time during chairlift rides and lunch breaks. Overall, these hacks aim to make your snowboarding experience smoother and more enjoyable. So, if you’re a beginner snowboarder or looking for some handy tips, this video is worth watching.

10 Beginner Snowboarding Hacks


Snowboarding is an exhilarating sport that can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. However, as a beginner, it can sometimes be challenging to navigate the mountain and overcome common obstacles. In this article, we will explore ten beginner snowboarding hacks that will help make your first day of riding run smoother. These hacks are easy solutions to common problems that beginner snowboarders often encounter. So, let’s dive in and discover these helpful tips and tricks!

Replacing a Broken Heel Strap with a Toe Strap

One problem that you may encounter while snowboarding is breaking a strap on your bindings. While breaking a toe strap may not be a significant issue, as you can still ride and get down the mountain, breaking a heel strap can be more problematic. When your heel strap breaks, your foot starts to come out of the binding, making it difficult to ride effectively. However, there is a simple solution to this problem. You can replace your broken heel strap with your toe strap. By doing so, you can at least ride down to the bottom of the run and get your heel strap properly replaced afterward.

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Using Touchscreen Gloves

Keeping your hands warm while using your phone on the mountain can be a challenge. However, touchscreen gloves offer a convenient solution to this problem. These gloves allow you to use your phone to send text messages or change the music without having to take off your gloves entirely. Investing in a pair of touchscreen gloves can make it much more comfortable to access your phone while keeping your hands warm in the cold weather.

Filming with the Camera Upside Down

If you enjoy filming your snowboarding adventures, here’s a hack that can help you get smoother shots. Filming with your camera upside down can help balance it and result in smoother footage. This technique can be especially useful if you’re using a GoPro or your phone to capture your rides. Give it a try and see the difference it makes in the quality of your videos.

Keeping Snacks in Your Pocket

Snowboarding can be physically demanding, and it’s essential to fuel your body throughout the day. However, taking breaks for lunch can sometimes lead to missed runs. To avoid this, consider keeping some snacks in your pocket. Whether it’s energy bars or dried fruits, having quick and easily accessible snacks can keep you energized without having to interrupt your snowboarding session.

Resting Half of Your Snowboard on Your Free Foot on the Chairlift

Riding the chairlift can be a nerve-wracking experience for beginners. Balancing with a snowboard attached to one foot can add to this challenge. However, there’s a hack that can make your chairlift rides more comfortable. Resting half of your snowboard on your free foot can alleviate some of the pressure and make the chairlift ride smoother. Give it a try and notice the difference it makes in your comfort level while riding the chairlift.

Using the Singles Line to Save Time

When facing a long line at the chairlift, waiting can be tiresome and time-consuming. However, there’s a simple hack that can save you time on the mountain. Opt for the singles line, as it often moves faster than the regular lineup. If you’re riding with friends and don’t mind riding the chairlift without them, splitting up and choosing the singles line can get you back to the top of the run much faster.

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Avoiding Busy Lunch Hours

Grabbing lunch during peak hours can be overwhelming, with long queues and crowded seating areas. To save time and avoid the lunchtime rush, try to go before or after the busiest hours, usually between 11:30 AM and 1 PM. By adjusting your lunchtime schedule, you can quickly get in and out, allowing you to maximize your time on the runs.

Extending Battery Life with Hand Warmers

Using your phone or GoPro to film your snowboarding adventures can drain the battery quickly, especially in cold weather conditions. To extend the battery life of your devices, try using hand warmers. Place one or two hand warmers in your pocket alongside your batteries. The hand warmers will provide some heat and help maintain the battery’s charge for a more extended period, ensuring you don’t run out of power early in the day.

Preventing Snow from Packing into Bindings

Snow packed into the base of your bindings can make it challenging to strap up and start your ride. To prevent this, ensure that you regularly scrape out any snow from the base of your bindings. By doing this each time you strap up your board, you can prevent ice from building up and make the strapping process much easier. Keep a small tool handy to help you clear out the snow and ensure a smoother start to your ride.

Creating a Ledge in the Snow to Strap Up Bindings

Another problem for beginner snowboarders is having to sit in the snow to strap up their bindings. This can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Luckily, there’s a hack to make this process easier. Dig yourself a ledge in the snow using your heels, and then you can stand up and strap up your board without having to sit in the snow. While it may take some getting used to, creating a ledge can save you time and keep you from sitting in the snow.

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Snowboarding is a thrilling sport, but as a beginner, it’s crucial to be aware of various hacks and tricks that can enhance your experience on the mountain. By following these ten beginner snowboarding hacks, you’ll be better equipped to handle common challenges and enjoy a smoother ride. From replacing a broken heel strap with a toe strap to utilizing the singles line to save time, these hacks will make your snowboarding adventure more enjoyable. So go out, have fun, and remember to share your own snowboarding hacks and experiences in the comments!

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