Teaching My Friend To Snowboard – Day 3 – Linking Turns

Teaching My Friend To Snowboard – Day 3 – Linking Turns

In this video, the instructor continues to teach his friend how to snowboard, focusing specifically on linking turns together. The goal for the day is to improve the friend’s balance, sliding on heels and toes, and successfully linking turns. The instructor provides helpful tips on making smoother turns, such as leaning forward and reaching towards the snow. Throughout the day, the friend’s confidence and ability to link turns improve, and the instructor praises his progress. The overall experience of teaching a friend to snowboard is described as enjoyable and rewarding. The friend expresses interest in skiing as well.

Teaching My Friend To Snowboard – Day 3 – Linking Turns

Today is Day 3 of teaching his friend how to snowboard, and the focus for the day is on linking turns together. The goal is to help his friend become more comfortable with balancing, sliding on heels and toes, and ultimately linking turns to be able to ride down the entire run in control.

To start off the day, they spend some time practicing balancing and sliding on their heels and toes. This is an important skill in snowboarding as it allows the rider to control their speed and direction. By practicing sliding on both their heels and toes, they can become more confident and comfortable with these movements.

Next, they focus on making the turns smoother by leaning forward. Leaning forward helps shift the weight onto the front foot, which in turn helps initiate and complete the turn. By reaching towards the snow, they enhance the smoothness of the turns and prevent any jerky or abrupt movements. It’s important to not rush the turns and let them happen naturally.

The friend’s balance and confidence on toes have significantly improved since the last session. However, he still needs to work on slowing down and taking things in segments. As someone who enjoys going fast, he needs to remind himself to take it slow and not rush the process. By breaking down the turns into smaller segments, he can gradually build up his skills and avoid any potential injuries.

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Taking breaks between learning sessions is crucial for muscle recovery and mental processing. It gives the muscles time to rest and recuperate, allowing for better performance when practicing. Additionally, the brain has the opportunity to process and internalize the steps involved in snowboarding. This mental processing contributes to improved performance and overall learning.

After some practice and breaks, the friend successfully starts linking turns together. This is a major milestone in a snowboarding journey as it signifies the ability to ride down the hill smoothly and with control. Throughout the day, the friend progresses well and becomes more confident in his abilities.

The instructor praises the friend’s progress, acknowledging the hard work and dedication put into learning how to snowboard. It is important to recognize and praise accomplishments as it boosts confidence and motivates further improvement. The friend plans to continue practicing snowboarding regularly to consolidate his skills and become even more proficient.

During the process of teaching snowboarding, the friend expresses interest in skiing as well. This shows the enjoyment and enthusiasm he has developed for winter sports. Exploring different disciplines within snow sports can further diversify the friend’s abilities and provide new challenges and experiences.

Overall, teaching a friend how to snowboard has proven to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both the instructor and the friend. The learning process has involved overcoming challenges, building skills, and achieving milestones. It is a journey that fosters friendship, growth, and an appreciation for the beauty of winter sports.

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