Old Soldiers First Snowboard – Arbor Snowboard Union Bindings

Old Soldiers First Snowboard – Arbor Snowboard Union Bindings

Old Soldiers First Snowboard – Arbor Snowboard Union Bindings is a video that captures my experience of purchasing my first snowboard. Joined by my daughter and her boyfriend Justin, who happens to be a snowboarding enthusiast, I embarked on this thrilling journey. As we navigated through the snowboard shop, I felt a mix of excitement and anxiety due to the overwhelming variety of options available. However, Justin’s patience and expertise helped me understand the different features and benefits of each snowboard. After careful consideration, I settled on the Arbor snowboard, known for its sustainability and all-mountain suitability. We then proceeded to choose the Union bindings, which are renowned for their durability and come with a lifetime warranty. With my new gear in hand, I couldn’t contain my excitement and felt a newfound sense of accomplishment in embracing this thrilling hobby. Although I had some concerns about assembling the snowboard, Justin graciously offered his assistance and ensured that everything was properly and safely set up.

AK Fresh Pow, here! As a new snowboarder, I turned to my daughter’s boyfriend Justin, who generously helped me select the perfect snowboard and bindings. Excitement brimming, we settled on an Arbor snowboard, praised for its eco-consciousness and versatility for all-mountain riding. For the bindings, we opted for Union, celebrated for their durability and backed with a lifetime warranty. Armed with my new snowboard and bindings, the anticipation to hit the slopes and explore this exhilarating sport soared. There was only one small hitch – I had never assembled a snowboard before. But Justin’s invaluable guidance and expertise came to the rescue as he patiently showed me how to put it all together correctly and safely. Now, I’m eagerly gearing up to hit the mountain like the noob I am and carve my own path.

Old Soldiers First Snowboard - Arbor Snowboard Union Bindings

Choosing the Right Snowboard

As I walked into the snowboard shop, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and nervousness. I had always dreamed of owning my own snowboard, but I had never actually taken the plunge and purchased one. But today, I was here with my daughter and her boyfriend, Justin, who had offered to help me shop for and buy my first snowboard.

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As we walked through the store, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by all the different options. There were so many different brands, styles, and sizes to choose from. But Justin was patient and took the time to explain the different features and benefits of each option. He helped me understand the importance of factors such as flex, camber, and sidecut, and how they would affect my riding experience.

After some careful consideration, we decided on the Arbor snowboard. Justin explained that Arbor is a company that is known for their sustainability and commitment to the environment, which was important to me. He also said that the Arbor snowboard is designed with a medium flex and a camber profile, which is perfect for the all-mountain rider looking for a balance of playfulness and stability. I felt confident in my choice and couldn’t wait to try out my new snowboard.

Selecting the Proper Bindings

With the snowboard selected, it was time to choose the bindings. Justin helped me understand the importance of having good bindings that are compatible with my snowboard. He explained that bindings are crucial for transferring energy from my body to the board and plays a significant role in control and performance.

Justin went on to explain the different types of bindings available, such as strap-ins and step-ins, and the pros and cons of each. Strap-in bindings are the most common and provide a secure fit, allowing for easy adjustments. Step-in bindings, on the other hand, provide convenience and quick entry and exit. After trying on a few different options, we decided that strap-in bindings would be the best choice for me.

We settled on the Union bindings, as Justin mentioned they are known for their durability and performance. He also pointed out that Union bindings come with a lifetime warranty, which offered me peace of mind knowing that my investment would be protected. With the bindings chosen, I felt even more prepared and excited to hit the slopes.

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Putting the Snowboard Together

After purchasing my snowboard and bindings, I had a small concern – I had never put together a snowboard before. Luckily, Justin was kind enough to offer his assistance and come over to help me put everything together correctly and safely. He even brought his tools along to ensure that we had everything we needed.

As Justin guided me through the process, he showed me all the little details and steps involved in assembling the snowboard. From adjusting the bindings to properly attaching them to the board, he made sure to explain each step thoroughly. With his guidance, I quickly gained confidence in putting the snowboard together.

Justin emphasized the importance of ensuring correct and safe setup. He explained that a well-assembled snowboard would contribute to better performance and reduce the risk of accidents while on the slopes. I was grateful for his help and felt relieved knowing that my snowboard was properly set up and ready for use.


With my new snowboard assembled and ready to go, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and accomplishment. I had never felt so invested in a hobby before, and the process of selecting the right snowboard, bindings, and putting them together had been an enlightening experience. I was eager to hit the slopes and put my new gear to the test.

I couldn’t express my gratitude enough towards Justin’s assistance throughout the entire process. From helping me choose the right snowboard and bindings to patiently explaining the various features and benefits, he had made my journey into snowboarding more enjoyable and memorable.

Now, as I prepared to hit the slopes, I knew I was equipped with the right gear and the knowledge to make the most out of my snowboarding experience. I was ready to embrace the thrill and challenges that lay ahead, all thanks to the guidance and support of Justin.

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Hi there, I'm Jesse Hull, the author behind AK Fresh Pow. "Shred The Knar There Bud" is not only our tagline, but also our way of life. As a Husband and Father, I embrace the thrill of conquering the slopes. Being a retired Infantry Paratrooper has taught me discipline and a love for adventure. Now, as a new snowboarder/skier, I'm embracing the freedom and adrenaline rush that comes with it. Alongside these passions, I am a full-time student at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage, Alaska, continuously expanding my knowledge and skills. Join me on this exciting journey as we explore the beauty of the snowy mountains together.