5 Tips for Smoother Snowboard Turns

5 Tips for Smoother Snowboard Turns

In the video titled “5 Tips for Smoother Snowboard Turns,” Kevin from SnowboardProCamp shares five essential tips for improving snowboard turns. The first tip emphasizes the importance of staying balanced and stacked over the board, with straight back and bent knees, hips, and ankles. By maintaining weight over the board, turns will be smoother and less skidded. Another tip is to practice on mellow terrain, such as green runs, as it allows for better control and the opportunity to focus on the fundamentals of turns. Kevin also suggests creating a rhythm to ensure that heel turns and toe turns are consistent in shape and size. Lastly, he introduces a bonus tip of pumping out of turns, which generates speed and makes turns look even smoother. Throughout the video, Kevin is joined by David Jones, a local snowboarder from New Zealand, who adds his insights and demonstrations. Overall, the video aims to help snowboarders improve their turns and have a more enjoyable experience on the slopes.

5 Tips for Smoother Snowboard Turns

Tip 1: Stay Stacked and Balanced

When it comes to making smooth snowboard turns, one of the most important things to remember is to stay stacked and balanced over your board. This means keeping your back fairly straight and ensuring that your knees, hips, and ankles are bent. By maintaining this position, you’ll find that your weight is distributed evenly over your snowboard, allowing your edges to hold better. This will result in cleaner, more controlled turns without skidding. On the other hand, if your weight is too far back or too close to the snow, you’ll experience chatter and vibration, making your turns less smooth. So, focus on feeling stacked and balanced over your snowboard to achieve smoother turns.

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Tip 2: Practice on Smooth Terrain

To improve your snowboard turns, it’s beneficial to practice on smooth terrain. Arriving early at the mountain can give you the advantage of smoother conditions, as the runs will be less bumpy. The early morning corduroy is especially ideal for practicing smoother turns, as it provides a smooth surface without any jutters. Taking advantage of the nice conditions during this time allows you to focus on refining your turns without any unnecessary challenges. Additionally, choosing mellow terrain, such as green or more gentle runs, can also contribute to smoother turns. By opting for less steep slopes, you can reduce the speed at which you’re carving, giving you more control and the opportunity to work on the fundamentals of your turns.

Tip 3: Stay Loose and Flexible

When it comes to executing smooth turns on your snowboard, it’s important to avoid being stiff. Stiffness can hinder the fluidity of your movements, making your turns appear jerky and less controlled. Instead, focus on bending your knees and engaging your core. By slightly bending your knees and remaining loose, you allow your body to move naturally and adapt to the terrain. This flexibility and looseness will help you maintain a smooth flow throughout your turns. It’s essential to find the right balance between being stacked and relaxed, so that you can achieve smooth, controlled movements on your snowboard.

Tip 4: Create a Rhythm

To enhance the smoothness of your snowboard turns, try creating a rhythm. As you ride down the mountain, you can count in your head to establish a consistent rhythm for your turns. For example, you can count to three to ensure that your heel turn is the same shape as your toe turn. This is particularly useful when you’re riding with too much speed, as it helps you avoid spending too much time on your heels, which can result in uneven turns. By creating a rhythm and maintaining consistent turns, you’ll be able to flow seamlessly between your heel and toe turns, ensuring smoother overall turns.

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5 Tips for Smoother Snowboard Turns

Tip 5: Pump Out of Turns

A technique that can greatly improve the smoothness of your snowboard turns is known as pumping out of turns. This technique involves generating speed by pumping through the curve of your turns. It allows you to maintain momentum and flow throughout your ride. By playing with pressure and using your body to generate energy, you can smooth out your turns and avoid any abrupt stops or starts. Mastering this technique takes practice, but once you become proficient, you’ll find that your turns are more fluid and effortless.

Bonus Tip from David

David, a local snowboarder from New Zealand, has an additional tip to share. He suggests that once you become confident in your turns, you can further enhance their smoothness by pumping out of the turns for speed. This technique involves using your body and shifting your weight to generate momentum as you move through each turn. Additionally, he advises playing with pressure to enhance the flow of your turns. By adjusting the pressure on your snowboard, you can achieve a more seamless and graceful ride.


By following these five essential tips, you can significantly improve the smoothness of your snowboard turns. Remember to stay stacked and balanced over your board, practice on smooth terrain, stay loose and flexible, create a rhythm, and learn how to pump out of turns. With dedication and practice, you’ll find that your turns become smoother and more controlled, allowing you to enjoy a more seamless ride on the slopes. So, grab your snowboard, hit the mountain, and have fun working on your turns!

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