5 Tips for Learning Switch Snowboarding Turns

5 Tips for Learning Switch Snowboarding Turns

In this video by SnowboardProCamp, Kevin shares five tips to help you learn switch snowboard turns. Riding switch is a crucial skill to improve balance, open up trick opportunities, and navigate different areas of the mountain. The first tip is to recognize that you already possess most of the necessary skills for riding switch, such as controlling your speed and making turns on your heels and toes. The second tip is a helpful tactic to spin around on the snow, which gives you the feeling of having your new front foot go downhill without fully committing to a turn. Taking your turns to a beginner area and being patient with your turns are two more tips that will ensure a smoother learning process. Finally, Kevin emphasizes the importance of dedicating time to practicing switch, which can ultimately enhance your overall riding skills and unlock various switch tricks.

5 Tips for Learning Switch Snowboarding Turns

Tip 1: You Already Have the Skills

When it comes to learning switch snowboarding turns, the first tip is to understand that you already possess many of the skills necessary for riding switch. You are already able to control your speed and make turns on both your heels and toes. The only new aspect you need to incorporate is having a new front foot leading the way downhill. By recognizing that you already have the fundamental skills, you can build confidence and commit to that first switch turn. Use the skills you already have to control your speed and slow yourself down. Remember, you are more capable than you think!

Tip 2: Spin Around in the Snow

A tactic that can greatly aid in learning switch snowboarding turns is to simply spin around on the snow. By spinning in the snow, you can get a feel for having that new front foot lead downhill without fully committing to a turn. Find a comfortable spot on the run and begin spinning your board. As you do this, be mindful of your downhill edges and keep them up out of the snow. Focus on keeping more weight on your new front foot as it comes around. By practicing these spins on the snow, you will start to feel your switch turns unlocking and become more confident in your abilities.

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Tip 3: Start in a Beginner Area

For your first few switch turns, it is advisable to take them to a beginner area. These turns will feel like your very first day of snowboarding, so starting in a beginner area sets you up for success. By revisiting the beginner stage, you can work on getting your turns down and then progress to more challenging runs. Starting in a beginner area allows you to focus solely on your switch turns without the added pressure of more difficult terrain. Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to more challenging runs and continue to progress with your switch turns.

Tip 4: Be Patient with Your Turns

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make when learning switch turns is rushing the turns. It is tempting to quickly rush through the turns, but doing so can lead to being twisted and losing your balance. To avoid this, it is crucial to be patient with your turns. Let your board run straight and flat for at least a second before getting onto the new edge. By being patient and allowing your board to run straight, your switch turns will feel smoother and more controlled. Learning in a beginner area is especially beneficial for practicing patience, as your board won’t pick up too much speed, allowing you to bring your turn around smoothly.

5 Tips for Learning Switch Snowboarding Turns

Tip 5: Commit to Practicing Switch

The final tip for learning switch turns is to commit dedicated time to practicing switch. To truly see progress in your switch riding, make it a point to spend at least half the day riding switch when you go to the resort. Every run you take, find those easier parts where you can ride switch and then ride with your normal weight distribution on the more difficult areas. By putting in the time and consistently practicing switch, you will reach a point where your switch riding and your normal riding start to look the same. This dedicated practice will not only improve your switch riding but also enhance your overall snowboarding skills.

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Learning switch snowboarding turns may seem daunting at first, but with the right approach and mindset, you can conquer this skill. Remember that you already possess the skills you need to ride switch, so have confidence in your abilities. Spinning around on the snow can give you a feel for having your new front foot lead downhill, without fully committing to a turn. Starting in a beginner area allows you to focus on the basics and build a solid foundation for your switch turns. Be patient with your turns and resist the temptation to rush. Lastly, commit dedicated time to practicing switch, as consistent practice is the key to mastery. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to mastering switch snowboarding turns and unlocking a whole new realm of tricks and maneuvers on the mountain.

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