3 Snake Run Snowboarding Tips

3 Snake Run Snowboarding Tips

In this video by SnowboardProCamp, Kevin shares his top three tips for successfully navigating the snake run while snowboarding. The snake run is a series of naturally formed banks that wind down the mountain, making it a challenging terrain to maneuver. The first tip Kevin suggests is using snow spray to control your speed as you ride through each bank. By spraying snow out the side of the bank, you can effectively scrub off some speed and maintain control. The second tip is to steer your snowboard aggressively through the banks by using your front knee and shoulder. Kevin recommends dropping your shoulder and front knee for the toe turn, and opening up your shoulder and turning the front knee out for the heel turn. This will allow you to navigate the banks quickly and with more control. The third tip is to use your knees to absorb the bumps and unevenness that are common in naturally formed banks. This will help you maintain balance and keep your snowboard in contact with the snow. If you have any questions or tips of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments section. So grab your gear, hit up your local mountain, and have a blast riding through the snake run with confidence and control!

Tip 1: Control Your Speed

When snowboarding through the snake run, it’s crucial to maintain control of your speed. The fast-paced nature of the run can make it difficult to slow down, so it’s important to find ways to scrub your speed. One effective technique is to spray snow around each bank as you ride through. By doing this, you create resistance that helps to slow you down and maintain control. You want to find the perfect spot on the bank where you can cut some speed out, allowing you to stay in control of your ride.

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Tip 2: Aggressively Steer Through the Banks

To navigate the snake run successfully, aggressive steering is key. As you approach a bank, you need to initiate your turns quickly and effectively. For a toe turn, drop your front shoulder into it and also drop your front knee. This will allow you to steer smoothly around the turn. On the other hand, for a heel turn, open up your front shoulder and turn your front knee out to the right. This aggressive steering technique helps you navigate the banks of the snake run with speed and precision.

3 Snake Run Snowboarding Tips

Tip 3: Use Your Knees to Absorb Bumps

When riding through the snake run, you’ll encounter various bumps and uneven parts, which can throw off your balance and control. To counteract this, it’s essential to use your knees to absorb these obstacles. By flexing your knees, you allow your board to maintain contact with the snow, which provides stability and control. This technique helps you prevent any loss of balance and allows you to navigate the bumps of the snake run smoothly.

Applying the Tips to the Snake Run

To put these tips into practice and enhance your snowboarding experience in the snake run, there are specific strategies you can employ. Firstly, while maneuvering through the snake run, continue to spray snow around each bank to control your speed. This will allow you to maintain control and prevent excessive acceleration. Additionally, when steering through the banks, remember to use the aggressive shoulder and knee movements mentioned earlier. By implementing these techniques, you’ll be able to steer efficiently and navigate the turns with confidence. Lastly, make sure to utilize your knees to absorb the bumps on the naturally formed banks. This will help you maintain balance, control, and stability throughout the run.

3 Snake Run Snowboarding Tips

Additional Tips and Suggestions

In addition to the main tips provided above, here are some additional suggestions to improve your snowboarding experience in the snake run:

  1. Practice spraying snow around banks to gain control: This technique takes practice to master. The more you practice spraying snow around banks, the better you become at controlling your speed and maneuvering through the snake run.

  2. Experiment with different steering techniques: Every snowboarder has their preferred method of steering. Take the time to experiment with different techniques to discover what works best for you. This will allow you to develop your own unique style and enhance your overall performance.

  3. Wear proper protective gear for safety: Snowboarding, especially in the snake run, can be challenging and potentially risky. Always wear the appropriate protective gear, including a helmet, goggles, and padding, to ensure your safety while on the slopes.

  4. Develop your own tips and techniques based on personal experience: Snowboarding is a dynamic sport, and what works for one person may not work for another. As you gain more experience and expertise in the snake run, develop your own tips and techniques that suit your style and preferences. Sharing these insights with others can contribute to a collective growth within the snowboarding community.

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By implementing the three snake run snowboarding tips – controlling speed, aggressive steering, and using knees to absorb bumps – riders can enhance their confidence and control while navigating through banks and uneven terrain. The snake run offers a thrilling and challenging experience, and with these tips in mind, snowboarders can maximize their enjoyment while tackling this iconic feature. Remember to practice, be safe, and continue to explore and refine your techniques, as snowboarding is a continuous learning journey. Have fun out there and make the most of your time on the slopes!

3 Snake Run Snowboarding Tips

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