3 Skills to Improve Beginner Snowboard Turns

3 Skills to Improve Beginner Snowboard Turns

In the video “3 Skills to Improve Beginner Snowboard Turns” by SnowboardProCamp, Kevin discusses three essential skills to take your beginner turns to the next level. These skills will not only help you ride with more speed but also enable better control and a smoother rhythm. The first skill Kevin emphasizes is spraying snow at the side of each turn, which helps in controlling your speed and getting your board on edge early. The second skill focuses on steering your board faster, allowing you to make smaller turns, while the third skill involves maintaining a creative rhythm in your turns to ensure balanced control of speed on both heels and toes. Kevin offers viewers the opportunity to connect with him on Instagram for feedback and encourages them to leave any questions or comments in the section below the video.

Skill 1: Spraying Snow at the Side of Each Turn

Why Spraying Snow is Important

Spraying snow at the side of each turn is an essential skill for beginner snowboarders. It allows them to control their speed early in the turn, which is crucial for maintaining balance and staying in control. When beginners turn their board completely sideways and spray snow downhill at the end of the turn, it creates a sudden stop-and-start motion that can be challenging to manage. By spraying snow at the side, riders can keep their board on edge early and apply pressure to maintain control throughout the turn.

How to Spray Snow

To spray snow at the side, beginners need to focus on getting their board on edge early in the turn and applying pressure on that edge to create the spray. As they initiate the turn, they should avoid turning the board completely sideways. Instead, they should aim to keep the board at an angle and use their edges to guide them through the turn. By doing so, they will create a controlled spray of snow to the side, ensuring that their board stays pointed downhill and their speed is managed effectively.

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Benefits of Spraying Snow

Spraying snow at the side of each turn offers several benefits for beginner snowboarders. Firstly, it allows riders to control their speed more effectively, preventing them from gaining too much momentum and losing balance. Secondly, it helps beginners maintain better control of their board throughout the turn, as the pressure applied to the edge creates stability. Lastly, spraying snow at the side adds style and finesse to a rider’s turns, making their overall snowboarding experience more enjoyable and impressive.

Skill 2: Steering Your Board Faster

Importance of Steering Your Board Faster

Steering your board faster is a crucial skill for intermediate and advanced snowboarders. It enables riders to make smaller, quicker turns, which are necessary for tackling more challenging runs and navigating through obstacles. When beginners steer their boards gradually, it may be suitable for easy runs, but it becomes limiting as they progress. By learning to steer their boards faster, riders gain more control and flexibility in their turns, allowing them to navigate various terrains with ease.

Techniques for Steering Your Board Faster

The key to steering your board faster lies in your body positioning and movement. One technique is to use your front knee to initiate the turn. For a toe turn, turn your knee inward, and for a heel turn, turn your knee outward. This movement helps initiate the turn more quickly, allowing for a faster steering response from your board.

Another technique for steering your board faster is to leverage your backhand. For a heel turn, bring your backhand forward, and for a toe turn, pull your hand backward, keeping it over your snowboard’s tail. By using your backhand to steer, you can achieve better control and maintain balance. It also aids in keeping your upper body square to your snowboard, which is essential for optimal body alignment and overall stability.

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Using Your Front Knee and Backhand for Steering

Utilizing your front knee and backhand for steering is an effective combination that maximizes control and maneuverability. By incorporating these techniques into your turns, you can enhance your ability to make quick, precise movements, allowing for smoother transitions and improved confidence on your snowboard.

3 Skills to Improve Beginner Snowboard Turns

Skill 3: Creating Rhythm in Your Turns

Importance of Rhythm in Snowboard Turns

Creating rhythm in your turns is an essential skill for beginners looking to refine their technique. When starting out, turns can feel abrupt and disjointed, making it challenging to establish a fluid and consistent riding style. By developing a sense of rhythm, riders can enhance their control, balance, and overall riding experience.

Counting to Three to Create Rhythm

One simple technique for creating rhythm in your turns is to count to three in your head as you turn. This counting helps establish a clear cadence and timing for each turn. By counting, you become more mindful of your movements and can ensure that you complete each turn smoothly and with intention.

Beginners can count to three in their head as follows: Count one as you initiate the turn, count two as you complete the turn, and count three as you set up for the next turn. This simple counting method allows riders to maintain a consistent rhythm, making their turns more fluid and controlled.

Progression from Counting to Natural Rhythm

As beginners become more comfortable with counting to establish rhythm, they will eventually develop a natural sense of timing and flow in their turns. Once this occurs, riders can transition from relying on the counting method to allowing their body and instincts to guide their movements.

With continued practice, riders will no longer need to count in their head, as their turns will naturally fall into a smooth and even rhythm. This progression signifies a significant improvement in their snowboarding skills and provides a more enjoyable riding experience.

Connecting with Snowboardprocamp for Feedback

How to Connect with Snowboardprocamp on Instagram

Snowboardprocamp, a renowned online snowboarding resource, offers the opportunity for riders to connect and receive feedback on their snowboard turns through Instagram. To connect with Snowboardprocamp on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  2. Search for Snowboardprocamp in the search bar.
  3. Click on the profile and tap the “Follow” button.
  4. Explore the content and engage with other snowboarders in the community.
  5. Interact with Snowboardprocamp’s posts and stories to stay involved and up to date with the latest snowboarding tips and tricks.
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Tagging Snowboardprocamp in Your 15-Second Instagram Video

To receive feedback on your snowboard turns, you can tag Snowboardprocamp in a 15-second Instagram video. Follow these steps to ensure your video reaches the snowboarding experts:

  1. Record a 15-second video of yourself performing snowboard turns.
  2. Upload the video to Instagram.
  3. In the caption or comment section, use the hashtag #mysnowboardturns to categorize your video.
  4. Tag Snowboardprocamp’s Instagram account (@snowboardprocamp) in your post by typing “@snowboardprocamp”.
  5. Publish your video, and Snowboardprocamp will have the opportunity to view and provide feedback on your turns.

Receiving Feedback on Your Snowboard Turns

Once you have connected with Snowboardprocamp on Instagram and tagged them in your video, you can anticipate receiving feedback on your snowboard turns. The experienced team at Snowboardprocamp will review your video and provide constructive criticism, tips, and encouragement to help you improve your riding skills.

By seeking feedback from experts in the snowboarding community, you can gain valuable insights and make significant strides in your progression as a rider. Embrace the opportunity to connect with Snowboardprocamp and leverage their expertise to enhance your snowboard turns.


Improving beginner snowboard turns requires mastering essential skills such as spraying snow at the side of each turn, steering your board faster, and creating rhythm in your turns. These skills contribute to increased speed, better control, and an overall more enjoyable riding experience.

By spraying snow at the side of each turn, riders learn to control their speed effectively and maintain balance throughout their turns. Steering the board faster with techniques such as using the front knee and backhand allows riders to handle more advanced terrain and make smaller, quicker turns. Creating rhythm in turns through techniques like counting to three fosters consistency and smooth transitions.

To receive feedback on their turns, riders can connect with Snowboardprocamp on Instagram and tag them in a 15-second video. Snowboardprocamp will provide valuable insights and guidance to help riders improve their technique and progress as snowboarders.

By incorporating these skills and seeking guidance from experts, beginner snowboarders can elevate their riding ability, gain confidence, and enjoy the thrill of carving through the snow with style and finesse. So, go out there, practice these skills, and have a fantastic time shredding the slopes!

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