10 Places Beginner Snowboarders Need to Avoid!

10 Places Beginner Snowboarders Need to Avoid!

In the article titled “10 Places Beginner Snowboarders Need to Avoid!”, the author discusses the top ten areas on the mountain that beginner snowboarders should steer clear of. With insights from SnowboardProCamp, the article aims to provide valuable information to ensure the safety and enjoyment of beginners. By highlighting these potentially risky spots, the author hopes to enhance the learning experience and make snowboarding a more pleasant and secure activity. The article concludes by inviting readers to share their own tips and experiences in the comments section.

In the instructional video, the author, accompanied by Chris, guides viewers through all ten places beginner snowboarders should avoid. Stressing the importance of avoiding injury and unpleasant experiences, the video offers practical advice and firsthand experience to aid beginners in navigating their way through the mountain. The author emphasizes the significance of not stopping in places where visibility is limited and offers tips on maneuvering difficult areas such as cat tracks and ungroomed runs. The video concludes with a reminder to check the grooming report before hitting the slopes and encourages viewers to share any additional tips in the comments.

10 Places Beginner Snowboarders Need to Avoid!

Ten Places Beginner Snowboarders Need to Avoid


Snowboarding is an exhilarating sport that offers the chance to glide down mountainsides and experience the thrill of the slopes. However, for beginner snowboarders, it’s important to be aware of certain areas on the mountain that can be challenging or even dangerous. In this article, we’ll explore ten places that beginner snowboarders should avoid in order to have a safer and more enjoyable ride.

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Place #1: Riding underneath Rollers and Side Hits

One place that beginner snowboarders should avoid is riding underneath rollers and side hits. These are small jumps that other riders may be using to catch air. It can be dangerous to stop or ride beneath them, as you risk colliding with someone in mid-air. It’s important to find a safe spot to stop where you won’t be in the way of other riders.

Place #2: Soft Seizure

Another place to steer clear of is an area known as the “soft seizure.” This refers to an area of the mountain that is soft and unstable, making it difficult to maintain control. Riding on soft snow can cause your board to sink and may result in falls or injuries. It’s best to avoid these areas in order to ride on more stable terrain.

Place #3: Cat Tracks

Cat tracks are narrow pathways on the mountain that are used to connect different areas. These tracks can be challenging for beginners, as they are often flat and require good balance and control. Additionally, cat tracks can be crowded and may lead to collisions with other riders. It’s best to stay away from these areas to prevent accidents and frustration.

Place #4: Center of the Run

Riding in the center of the run may seem like a safe option, but it can actually be quite dangerous, especially on crowded slopes. Other riders may lose control and crash into you, causing accidents and injuries. It’s safer to ride along the edges of the run or behind signs, where you’ll have less risk of being hit.

Place #5: Choosing the Wrong Run

Choosing the wrong run for your skill level can lead to a frustrating and potentially dangerous experience. It’s important for beginners to carefully select runs that are suitable for their abilities. Consult the trail map and look for designated easy green runs. Avoid runs that are too steep or challenging, as they can be overwhelming and increase the risk of accidents.

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Place #6: Flat Areas of the Run

Flat areas of the run can be particularly challenging for beginner snowboarders. It’s difficult to maintain speed and control on flat terrain, which can result in falls or collisions. If you encounter a flat area, take your time and use your skills to navigate it safely. Take small turns and lean forward to maintain momentum.

Place #7: Ungroomed Runs

Ungroomed runs, such as moguls or chopped-up terrain, should be avoided by beginner snowboarders. These runs can be unpredictable and difficult to navigate, especially for those who are still learning. It’s best to check the grooming report before heading out and stick to well-maintained, groomed runs to ensure a smoother and safer ride.

Place #8: Right under the Chairlift

Stopping or riding directly under the chairlift is a mistake that beginner snowboarders should avoid. It’s a high-traffic area and there’s a risk of being hit by someone coming off the lift. Additionally, objects or snow may fall from the chairlift, posing a danger to those below. Find a safe spot away from the chairlift to ensure your own safety and the safety of others.

Place #9: Icy and Popular Runs

Icy runs can be challenging for beginners, as they provide less grip and control. It’s important to approach these runs with caution and take your time. Additionally, popular runs tend to be crowded, increasing the risk of collisions and accidents. Stick to the sides of the run and be mindful of other riders to make sure everyone stays safe.

Place #10: Chairlift and T-Bar

The chairlift and T-bar can be tricky for beginner snowboarders due to the difficulty of getting on and off. These lifts require balance and coordination, which can be challenging for those who are still learning. It’s best to avoid these lifts until you have gained more confidence and practice. Start with easier lifts and work your way up as you improve your skills.

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By avoiding these ten places, beginner snowboarders can have a safer and more enjoyable experience on the mountain. It’s important to prioritize safety and choose runs and areas that are suitable for your skill level. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings, follow the rules of the mountain, and continue to improve your skills through practice and lessons. Happy shredding!

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